Video & Interviews

Healing Attachment Wounds with Ancestral Reconnection (October, 2018). Interview with Daniel and psychologist Saskia Ison of

Decolonizing the Dead (March 2018). Live teaching event in North Carolina with Daniel and Dr. Bayo Akomolafe. More on Bayo Akomolafe’s work here:

The Role of Ancestors in Social and Earth Justice (February 2018). Live teaching event with Daniel hosted by California Institute of Integral Studies, East-West Psychology Department.

Interview on Cultural and Ancestral Healing (January, 2018). Depth psychologist Brandy Vanderheiden and Daniel talk about ancestors, intergenerational trauma, cultural healing and talking to plants.

Ancestral Healing: Insights on Animism & Shamanism—Daniel Foor with Bonnie Bright PhD (October, 2017). Interview with Daniel Foor and Dr. Bonnie Bright for the Depth Psychology Alliance.

Voices of the Earth. Interview with Daniel from his former non-profit organization, Earth Medicine Alliance, sponsor of the Voices of the Earth project. Additional playlists here feature this series of interviews with diverse Earth-tending elders.