Our Core Values


We proactively affirm the personhood of the ancestors and our other-than-human kin. We encourage the inclusive and non-dogmatic adoption of relational ethics in accordance with the wisdom of one’s local communities, human and otherwise. In practice, this includes inviting the greater web of kinship to inform our work as Ancestral Medicine through dreaming, intuition, divination, and direct sustained relationship.


Knowing that cultural healing is the work of many lifetimes and that nothing we do will ever be enough, we nonetheless commit to uprooting and healing diverse manifestations of supremacy, internally as people, as an organization and network of ritualists, and through our offerings in the world.


While Ancestral Medicine is based in lands that are now the United States, we embrace an ethic of multiculturalism and decolonization that includes de-centering more and less subtle forms of U.S. imperialism. This includes respecting the sovereignty of other nations, mindfully navigating differences of language and culture, and honoring the many other-than-human communities.


Participation in depth-ritual and cultural change work calls for humility, openness to embrace generative conflict, and commitment to life-long learning. Our staff, teachers, and ritual supporters commit to an ethic of accountability that includes showing up for difficult conversations, considering impact, welcoming outside support when needed, and making repairs when at all possible.


We commit to keeping our offerings as accessible as possible while still honoring our other core values. This accessibility includes tangible structures to support inclusivity with respect to geography, physical ability, financial means, ancestry, family (blood and otherwise), and cultural difference.


The world is held together by love and compassion. Without heart and humility, something essential is missing, our other values are no longer tethered to life, and truth can be used to harm. We commit in our personal lives, internally as a team, and in relationship with all who engage our offerings, to embody an ethic of kindness and genuine regard for the sacredness of life.