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ancient stability eyemother epi27 ancestral medicine podcast
march 2022

Interview with Silje Nicoline Runesdatter Kvalheim, Eyemother

Epi 27: “Ancient stability” with Daniel Foor

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healing the world with ancestral medicine podcast
January 2022

Interview with Esty Dinur, WORT 89.9 FM

Healing the World with Ancestral Medicine

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holistik roots podcast

Holistik Roots Podcast

Episode 7: Intro to Ancestral Healing: A Conversation with Holistik’s Karlijn Visser.

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JUNE 2021

Holistic Life Navigation Podcast

Episode 53: Animistic Psychology: Relating to Other Than Humans | Daniel Foor.

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APRIL 2021

Healing Ancestral Lineages Podcast

Episode 3: Healing Ancestral Lineages with Daniel Foor – Explorations in Psychotherapy. Hosted by Aníbal Henriques & Alexia Rothman, PhD.

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APRIL 2021

The Home.Body Podcast

Episode 84: Ancestral Medicine, Cultural Repair + the Magic of Where you Are with Daniel Foor. Hosted by Mary Grace Allerdice.

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MARCH 2021

Holistic Trauma Healing Podcast

Episode 28: Settler Colonialism, the Loss of Lineage, Collective Trauma, & Ancestral Healing. A conversation with Daniel and host Lindsey Lockett.

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JUNE 2020

The Mythic Masculine Podcast

Episode 17: Daniel Foor and Ian Mackenzie in conversation on “Whiteness in the Wake of Hungry Ghosts.”

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Rune Soup with Gordon White

Episode 164: Talking Ancestral Lineage Repair with Daniel Foor.

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Medicine Stories Podcast with Amber Magnolia Hill

Episode 26: Ancestral Reverence as Devotion to the Earth with Daniel Foor.

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JUNE 2017

Bespoken Bones Podcast with Pavini Moray

Episode 001: Pathways for the Blessings with Daniel Foor.

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A Mindful Emergence Podcast

Episode 94: Transforming the Ancestral Roots of Addiction with Daniel Foor.

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