“Overall, it was an amazing course, rich with detail in the additional readings that supported the lesson videos and Daniel’s book. The course was ritually structured to make it manageable to do online at home. I paced myself and completed it without overtaxing myself. I plan to continue to work on each of my lineages over time until I complete all four. I loved the FAQ and felt Daniel was very responsive to people’s questions, including my own. I went into the course with several years in ritual experience, journeying experience, strong guides, otherworld teachers, and an altar ground (Peruvian mesa). With this support already in place, this course gave a strong, safe energetic container for the work. I thought the course was wonderful and very rich. In a positive way, the course was very impactful in my personal life. Much gratitude to Daniel and Seyta for your work, your support, and your gifts. Blessings!”

– Wendy W., Decatur, Georgia, USA



“I thoroughly enjoyed this course. Learning the process of Ancestral Lineage Healing is invaluable and has led me to deep insights into my life experience and its connection to those who came before me. Daniel’s efforts to answer all questions deserve much praise. All of the course supporters were always kind and helpful. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in going on a deeply personal journey inward to meet those who love you and want to help you.”

– Daria W., West Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA



“I am so grateful to have come across this course. I am new to this work. I have only worked on one ancestral line so far. As an adopted person with very little knowledge of my biological family and not knowing the names of my grandparents, I was skeptical that I could really undertake this course. However, I have had the most amazing experiences connecting with my ancestors. I feel I have connected to true love: caring, knowing, non-judgmental, and wellbeing-wishing love. I suspect that not knowing much of my relatives enabled me to connect to the ancient ones with more ease than I might otherwise have done. Some aspects of the things that they have shown me in the visioning sessions have convinced me that my connection with my ancestors was never broken. That they have always been around me, influencing what they could. I am utterly sold on this work.”

– Mandy S., Bristol, United Kingdom



“It is challenging to quantify the benefits of having done the Ancestral Lineage Healing course. It is as though the thing that you have always known is missing in your life starts to appear and take shape. I am feeling a sense of belonging to something, to my people. I recognize now that the loneliness that has underscored my experience of life has been the absence of this relationship. How could I have known that? It’s all been so unexpected and surprising, in a very affirming way. The course material is very well laid out and researched. The website is incredibly easy to navigate, even for technophobes. There are plenty of explanatory emails. The presenters are extremely personable and there is a culture of acceptance, inclusion, and safety. I sound like an evangelist, but actually, I’m so very impressed with the Ancestral Medicine organization. I’m close to 60 years old and I have a wealth of experience with spiritual, New Age, and therapeutic teachings and practices, and their associated organizations. This one is at the top of my list.”

– Fiona H., Northern Rivers, New South Wales, Australia



“Daniel and all of the practitioners bring kindness, presence, and support. The small groups are a nourishing opportunity to share with and learn from people all around the world in a safe and nonjudgmental space. The clarity and intention of the pedagogy are supportive in its own right: the course curriculum states clearly what’s going to happen, and then the Ancestor Medicine team follows through, and all the calls start right on time. If I had to choose one word for the class, it would be ‘nurturing.’”

– Juno L., Tamworth, New Hampshire, USA

The Practitioner Training has given me the skills and understanding of the principles and practices of ancestral healing and helped to develop my professional capacity and competence to guide others on their journey of ancestral healing. I now have the confidence and courage to call myself an ancestral healer and am part of an amazing community of like-minded souls and practitioners.

When I met Daniel in 2006, I was in a really tough place in my life. When I began asking my ancestors for support and guidance, this began to shift and I realized that I’m part of an ancient and powerful ancestral stream and that the ancestors are both eager and able to help. Having been born and raised in South Africa as a person of color, ancestral reconnection practices helped me to heal generational traumas connected to apartheid and colonization. Ancestral healing work has not only benefited me but all my lineages and relations and is powerful healing work that will trigger deep transformational changes in the practitioner. It is a sacred path that requires, like all forms of healing work, sincere long-term commitment.

Ancestral healing, although an integral part of many cultures, is still relatively little known in the West. The practitioner training and emergent Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network is contributing to a greater awareness about ancestral healing in a way similar to the Indian teachers who introduced and helped popularize yoga and meditation in the West decades ago. The organization has also supported me tremendously and steadily reinforced my confidence, vision, and professional identity as an ancestral healing practitioner. This has given me the courage and conviction to work full time as a practitioner and to serve the clients I need to be able to make a living and run a successful practice. Thokoza!”

– Gita Thandika, Nevada City, California, USA (Cohort One)


“I came to ancestral healing practices longing for antidotes to the generational and family burdens in my own family and in the struggles of my clients over the past 30 years. Trauma-informed and clinical-trained, I spent countless hours holding space through fear, intensity, and long suffering, and yet something was missing.

Working first with healing my own lineages and then undertaking the practitioner training, I feel I’ve found the perfect balance and approach to address systemic intergenerational trauma. Not only have I witnessed over these past eight years profound shifts in my own life, but I’m humbled by the connections and healing in those who come with the same thirst seeking guidance from our network of skilled facilitators.

I can not emphasize enough the safety and integrity of the vessel in which my colleagues and I work. Those who come seeking to serve the living and the dead are well met by the training which is thorough and culturally informed. Over the eight years that I have been involved with Ancestral Medicine and in connection with Dr.Foor, I have witnessed him and the organizational leadership continually enhance and improve the vessel. This is not unlike the approach itself; learning, growing and evolving to meet the needs of our Holy Earth.”

– Shannon Willis, Athens, Georgia, USA (Cohort One)


“When I first encountered the beauty, fullness, and practicality of the ancestral healing practices in my own life, I felt called to learn everything I could. Becoming a practitioner was a natural progression of this interest and calling.

I have found the work to be uniquely satisfying, both on a personal level and in helping others on their paths to lineage healing. I’ve come to better understand the specific burdens and blessings that speak through ancestral influences and dreaming and deeply shape who I am. The insights, growth, connections, and support in the unfolding of my personal destiny and in creating more healthy relationships with my spouse, children, family, friends, and life, in general, have been a constant source of inspiration.

The organization’s commitment to supporting practitioners with ongoing education and connection to the passions and expertise of other practitioners has been so helpful. The fact that the group honors adaptation to change, individual input, and organizational challenges in a healthy way is also encouraging. I have been involved with the organization for over a decade and have seen the challenges and growth handled with receptivity, maturity, and tenacity. The network holds ancestral healing as an essential base for cultural healing and improved global health, which is crucial to our growth as humans in caring for each other and the planet that we share.”

– Jeff McElwain, Denver, Colorado, USA (Cohort Two)


“The Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training is the most useful and supportive training I have ever completed. This is the sole training that was structured and supportive enough that I was able to actually craft a business and offer services as a result of participation. The structure that Daniel has built into the entire training, from the start through to completing certification and beyond offered me a huge amount of support, and I honestly can’t say enough good things about the overall approach and framework of the training. It provides a safe container to learn the approach and hold it for others, along with a clear pathway toward what is expected on the way to certification.

The support offered by both Daniel and those from the previous cohorts through supervision was consistent, steady, and kind, and was available to me at every single step. This is not the kind of training where the support during the training disappears once you become certified as there is an extensive network available to all practitioners and an incredibly generous amount of ongoing continuing resources – including education, teachings, ritual spaces, scholarship opportunities, and training related to ancestral healing and relevant topics.

I have so much appreciation for Daniel and the opportunity to have participated in this training and I am humbled to now be a practitioner, continuing to learn and practice alongside such amazing and skilled humans. I would absolutely recommend the training to anyone interested in serving others through this approach to ancestral healing.”

– Jessica Headley, Inland Empire, California, USA (Cohort Two)


“When I first encountered Daniel Foor and ancestral healing, I felt a strong and immediate calling as a grief worker and ritualist to become more fluent in working with ancestors. I’d seen firsthand how we cannot grieve effectively without applying a multigenerational lens to healing that takes entire lineages into account.

Even from the earliest phases, the practitioner training has hugely benefited my work with clients, both on individual and group levels, and deepened my personal healing. My felt connections with the vastness of my ancestral heritage have taprooted my ability to serve as a healer, helping me to find the bedrock upon which I can stand for change.

I have been present as the organization has grown to meet an enormous international demand, and at times, I’ve felt challenged to find my place within the expanding practitioner network but I have never regretted my decision to undergo this training. As the years pass since completing my certification, I continue to learn from and incorporate countless and valuable teachings from Daniel and the many highly skilled and compassionate folks that comprise our larger network. I’m honored to be part of a team of people actively serving, together, the callings of our Ancestors.”

– Nala Walla, Pacific Northwest, USA (Cohort Three)


I am in awe of this work and am humbled by all the ways the training and the ancestral work continue to change me and my life.

As a psychologist, the training has helped me expand and de-colonize ways I conceptualize intergenerational trauma, cultural burdens, and systemic oppression on any given lineage across time and history. The training gave me a relational-based practice to offer clients as an adjunctive to psychotherapy that helps them access and embody gifts and blessings of their own ancestral lineages, repair intergenerational burdens from legacies of oppression and adversity, and provide a deeply personal and sacred support system through their relationship with their ancestors.

The values and ethics of the training, Daniel, the practitioner network, and Ancestral Medicine staff are in alignment with what was stated at the outset of the training and the process was well organized and carried out with clear intentions that created a conducive learning environment to hold the depth of waters we traversed in the training.

I have met a wise and beautiful council of support through Daniel, the practitioner network, and the Ancestral Medicine organization as a whole. Witnessing practitioners who embody their ancestral gifts for healing in the world continues to serve as a role model for me and helps me to further lean into my service.”

– Daphne Fatter Ph.D., Dallas, Texas, USA (Cohort Four)


The practitioner training has been a life altering experience that continues to unfold my personal growth and the cultural /environmental ritual and activism I am in alignment with. The work is practical, straightforward, and nuanced in its ability to open pathways and dialogue held by ancient wisdom – the voices of our ancestors. I particularly appreciated the focus not only on personal growth but, more importantly for me, on larger social and cultural changes based on animist values.

I experienced Daniel and Ancestral Medicine staff to be very generous, open, and supportive to trainees. There is an excellent amount of classes, written course materials, mentorship sessions, monthly ancestral circles, and ongoing professional development classes provided as part of the course and being in the network. The training opened up fantastic opportunities to learn not only from Daniel but from the amazing international network of practitioners all of whom bring a depth of experience as ritualists, healers, teachers, and professionals in their own right. Being in a diverse network provides incredible resources for differing practices, paths, cultures, and lived experiences that are invaluable to learn from both personally and professionally.

One of the unexpected outcomes is that while we learned a specific, clearly organised system of working in a ritually safe and practical form of lineage repair, the possibilities inside that structure for our individual strengths, lived experiences, creative and personal input is not only present but encouraged – there is active support for each student to bring their own unique gifts to the work and out into the larger world, specifically for the sake of cultural/environmental/systemic change.

I am particularly impressed with the ongoing focus of Ancestral Medicine practitioners and staff on working at education and repairs, not only personally with the international body of people and their lineages but also the systemic, cultural, and environmental harms and the underlying issues that continue to create them. This includes practices for supporting positive shifts to enact real and pragmatic change.”

– Marina Szijarto, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (Cohort Four)


“After reading the book, Ancestral Medicine, I knew in my bones I needed to study with Daniel. The language in the book reflected a degree of thoughtfulness, intention, and inclusivity I had yet to experience in any of my spiritual trainings prior. This wasn’t just a lip-service level of inclusivity — it was and is truly at the core of the work.

Daniel and the Ancestral Medicine staff have created a practitioner training experience that not only supports but encourages, participants to bring their own faith and spiritual foundations to the work. As a self-subscribed “spiritual mutt”, this was important to me because I wasn’t looking to cast off my previous experiences, I was seeking a way to integrate them. The Practitioner Training helped me do that and more.

The international holding of this training was critical and a huge part of my growth journey. Being a part of this international community shifted me out of my “American centered” mindset, broadened my view of the work, and helped me refine my role in this larger landscape of healing. It was both comforting and humbling to see and participate in how this work manifests around the globe, and the unique experiences and perspectives each trainee weaves through this training helps brings the framework alive. But even as the training was pushing me to expand into my growth edges, I found the training required sincere personal reflection. So come prepared to expand!

Lastly, the staff and team are incredible! They have a beautiful way of supporting each member of a cohort individually and collectively. They kept a good eye on ways I might improve or better support an individual and myself. The checks and balances, open lines of communication, and a sincere interest in my growth and development made for a truly exceptional training experience. Overall, the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Training helped me feel more anchored in how I show up as a ritualist and healer today.”

– Erica Nunnally, Providence, Rhode Island, USA (Cohort Four)


“My ancestors pushed me to start the training, and despite not being sure how that would happen, I was able to enroll thanks to a scholarship from Ancestral Medicine. As the retreat started, I felt like going to magic school with my ancestors. The program is well-structured, rich, and multifaceted. The teachings go into the depths of ancestral tending, consider cultural diversity, and are politically mindful. There is much opportunity for practice, and you get to know amazing people from all kinds of cultural backgrounds, who bring in their various unique wisdom. The network is a treasure of internationally diverse, amazing folx, and a lovely connective space. I felt well resourced by Daniel, the team, the practitioners, and the other trainees throughout the whole process.” 

– Ana Antadze, Hanover, Germany (Cohort Five)


I signed up for the training despite having decades of experience leading ritual and ritual-based processes, partly because the ancestral healing process itself had been so healing for me, and partly because I had never actually had extensive training in safely and effectively holding ritual space. The training more than lived up to my expectations: I was given a solid framework and ample opportunity to integrate and practice. It was professionally done (not a given for online, ‘spiritual’-type trainings), supporting both becoming adept at my own practice and being able to lead it well for others, in a way that was transformational for me both personally and professionally.

Impressive levels of care, respect, and integrity were evident in all aspects of the training, with Daniel personally and the staff and supporters extremely responsive to participant needs and concerns, whether administrative or emotional, even in a group this large, diverse, and dispersed. The program was structured in a way that knit us together during and between the retreats with the awe-inspiring community that is the cohort and network. I look forward to continuing to be a part of it.

– Rena Kessem, Hadera, Israel (Cohort Five)


I feel very grateful for the opportunity to do this course. I have found you to be an organisation which puts its money where it’s mouth is. You provided a way that I could afford the fees which was neither disabling nor shaming, just matter of fact and helpful.

I was worried about how I would manage the technical side of things and I needn’t have been. Whenever I reached out for help, you responded quickly and kindly. As well as helping me to learn more on the computer, it made me feel cared for and included, accepted how I was and where I was at.

I enjoyed learning about other religions and customs first hand from many inspiring people. I was stretched in many ways – computer skills, general knowledge, a deepening connection to my own ancestors and in the ability to hold space for others to tenderly commune with theirs.

It is both mind boggling and heart opening getting to know the wise elder ancestors. I feel stronger, more confident and softer as a result of doing this training and am really enjoying sharing this precious process with others. Thank you.

– Fiona MacKenzie, Glasgow, Scotland, UK (Cohort Five)

“Daniel’s Animism online course is a chance to learn the basics of deep spiritual connection to place in a way that can be customized to your own life and location. He skillfully dodges the usual pitfalls of culturally appropriative practices. Daniel shows his students how to honor the beings and elder powers around them through direct relationships rather than borrowing another culture’s rituals. The depth of his own spiritual practice shines through his work. His wisdom is born out of personal experience and dedication. If you are looking for a doorway into a more alive and magical connection to the world around you, this course will give you many good tools.”

– Murphy R., Worcester, Vermont, USA



“Daniel is a wonderful teacher. It was wonderful to have the lectures and the live talks where people asked questions and shared concerns and difficulties. Daniel really gets this stuff. The course was super respectful of participants including, oppression and cultural issues of all kinds. Of course, our nonhuman kin was the focus. Practical Animism was a great help in feeling my way toward being right-sized and aiming for integrity despite being embedded in our problematic culture. It was great at being non-dogmatic and non-purist, while impeccably exhorting us to go deeper into relationships and find our roles in a living world with lots of troubles and complexity. The course was also packed with additional links and sources. The FAQ itself was inspired and thorough. Daniel was very responsive to questions and concerns as he did a great job fielding them with so many people. The team backed him up with responses and took care of technical stuff which was quick. I definitely recommend this course for anyone wanting to develop their animist muscles.”

– Rena K., Tel Aviv, Israel



“Incredibly timely and important work shared in this course. This course had a very accessible presentation which was deeply meaningful on many levels. Daniel’s “realness” as a teacher comes through and helps me to feel encouraged and included. As a lifelong student who has studied many approaches, this material speaks to me in a way that none else has done. I’m so grateful!”

– Victoria R., Weaverville, North Carolina, USA



“This course is an amazing way of being in relationship with the other-than-humans. The structure, resources, and pace at which the different topics are uncovered, helps one in stepping slowly but surely into the different flavors of animism. I feel more connected to my Plant Kingdom friends. Through this course, I have re-acquainted with deities who I had put aside as too linked to a specific religion. The different rituals and practices through the course helped in renewing this relationship in a more authentic way.”

– Marie M., Rathnew, Ireland



“Daniel’s continued insightful sharing along the path of awakening to earth-honoring, to ancestor awareness, to seeing the worlds of multiplicity within the one, all the while without losing the rainbow within the Light. It is an extraordinary gift to be treasured.”

– Alima S., Fairfax, California, USA

“As someone who has experience with several different traditions, but who has mainly practiced ritual ‘solo’ over a long time, I found the course material to be rich, deep, challenging, integrative and also affirming. I appreciated the discernment and clarity of Daniel’s teaching. This brought words and language into areas of experience which I had previously felt, sensed, and intuited, but which I could not speak about. This freedom has generated a new kind of ‘inner dialogue.’ Gratitude to all who made these classes possible.”

– Melanie R. Chiswick, Hounslow, England



“Fantastic course! This was totally not what I expected. I was rewriting some of my rituals and initially hoped to get another person’s approach to see what sparked for me. Instead, I found this wonderful meta-view which really empowered me to see new ways of approaching my practice and a really spacious vision of what ritual is all about. This was even better than I expected when I signed up. Thank you for this nuanced and wonderful course.”

– Collin U., Washington, Virginia, USA



“I am someone who usually does not engage with online courses. I struggle to find an intimate/ relational environment there. This was just not the case here. The course felt like part of my ritual. This course allows you to explore rituals & relationships in such a way that it affects every area of your life. Not just ancestral and spiritual relationships but those with nature, friends, family, all the others around you.”

– Sofia B., Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal



“It’s a wonderfully rich and dense course useful for beginner and advanced ritualists alike. Daniel’s thoughtful and thorough instruction is subtle and nuanced enough to be useful for all traditions.”

– Jeff T., San Francisco, California, USA



“I really appreciate the combination of theory and practice, as well as the wealth of resources and supplemental material. Most especially, I want to say thank you and express deep gratitude for your team’s efforts to make the course financially accessible in general, and for me.”

– A.D., Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA

“I’ve taken two courses offered at Ancestral Medicine: Foundations of Ritual and Animist Psychology. I’m currently booked for more. What really surprised me was the heart-felt care that went into them: the lessons, the calls, the videos for additional questions, the community calls, the transcripts, audios + resources for further learning. It was a lot more than I expected and it conveys the ethic of Ancestral Medicine so perfectly. The course presents a path back to our own humanity. An awakening to relationships alongside vast, nuanced insight into the domains of life we (often unconsciously) impact. Daniel is an excellent teacher- clear and congruent in his views, highly articulate and effective at teasing out the subtleties between different views on the subject matter. Beyond that what really shines through is that he really cares, and he’s not afraid to show his humanity – the grief and sadness, but also his deep abiding love for our planet and the community of life that rests upon it. I’m so grateful this course exists as it has helped me make a fundamental shift in my attitudes and levels of awareness – helped in no small part by the example of a teacher who’s so well integrated, honest and embodied in his stance. Thank you to the whole Ancestral Medicine team for making this course what they are. I can’t recommend them enough.”

– Maja P., London, England



“This course has provided me with so much. Not just a way to bridge the gap between psychology and spirituality but the course also helped me in my own personal life. The content is easily digestible and both rich enough for a professional to find value, yet personable enough that someone without a background in psychology can understand the topics. I’m so happy I took this course and I will be taking more in the future.”

– Kaytea L., Aurora, Colorado, USA



“I am so grateful for this course, all the in depth elements it included, and the thorough care for a well-tended community experience. The generous material includes thoughtful, careful, intentional exploration of materials I wish had been part of my formal education in psychology. The community container was held with steady care, such that there was clear space for individual attending, interpersonal dialogue, and self-reflection within the greater field of relations. Even in an online course replete with much spoken word, there was enduring support and encouragement for listening beyond the known languages. Listening to the many other-than-human voices present in the psyche of earthen existence. Listening for what healing is available today and what part we might play in this moment. This course provides essential nutrients to the ecosystemic healing in which we all have a part to play, and it helps clearly and kindly re-route individual awareness to support humankind coming into right-sized balance with respect to the many others in the web of relations.”

– Phlo S., Omaha, Nebraska, USA



“As far as content, people practicing healing arts of any kind are wise to include this course in our education/training. It illuminates and honors absolutely necessary perspectives that are underrepresented in many practices (perhaps especially psychology). What is also incredibly impressive, and what really underlies and carries all the material (which is itself invaluable) is the integrity with which Daniel teaches, creates space, and carefully invites us to participate in our own personal way(s). As well, his knowledge and experience provide a depth of understanding and variety of perspective that feels deeply grounded while still holding all the appropriate doors open for what is still to be explored.”

– Tecoya R., North Bonneville, Washington, USA



“This precious jewel of a course has been truly revelatory for me. Something deep in my soul has relaxed me on hearing Daniel speak to questions I didn’t have the words to even formulate, but which have been part of my life experience. And offering a coherent world-view which deeply resonates with me. Plus sharing this with a whole community of like-minded souls. Deep gratitude for the open-mindedness and open-heartedness, the intelligence and excellence modelled and expressed throughout the course, by all concerned. The additional study material provided for each teaching module has also provided months if not years worth of further study and reflection.”

– Melanie R., Chiswick, Hounslow, England

“Each week, we explored and performed rituals, which was a sacred time that has brought me to an awareness of so much that is shifting in me and the world since COVID-19. It has been a grounding place with a deeper attention to my ancestors. Requesting their help in allowing the recent dead during COVID to be met by their healthy ancestors was a very helpful process that I have used and will continue to use.”

Anne B., Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, USA



“He said something that resonates with the work I have done, the work I have shared, and the work still to be done: “The systems are made out of ghosts.” I know in my heart that healing these spirits, hungry ghosts, and ancestors, is more than just a spiritual practice. That doing this work has solid, tangible effects on our world today. Make it a daily practice if you can, and the efforts will pay off for us all.”

Krystal R. Los Angeles, California, USA



“What I thought would be something of an academic course became an alive, timely, nourishing, life-giving primer on how to engage with the ancestors and how to incorporate them and their kind wisdom into our current situations and life circumstances. Daniel Floor’s intuitive way of reaching, leaning in, and listening, and his empathic way of being in the world was such a comfort and welcome presence. The course felt like a safe oasis amid a turbulent sandstorm of pandemics, racial unrest, and general global upheaval. Daniel always acknowledged his/our privilege. He made sure everyone was clear that our language, our practices, and rituals were inclusive. All humans, all non-humans, all nature, all the earth living and nonliving were welcomed, loved, and connected to the circle. Knowing people from 70 countries were in attendance made it feel more like a global, social sciences experiment which I loved!”

Paula C., Mount Vernon, Illinois, USA



“I found that Daniel’s teaching and presence offered me an extremely valuable and unique way of working with the upheavals that have characterized the past several months. I was especially surprised at the depth of subtle connection that he, his team, and all of us who gathered around the fire were able to effect in an online format. This course was deeply nourishing!”

Chris W., Calgary, Alberta, Canada



“The course was very timely and corresponded to the need of trying to navigate these unsettling times in a sense of a bigger group. I am so thankful to all who contributed to it. Big thanks to Daniel and every person on the team. The first day we began the course, it was my first real encounter with my ancestors. Since then my relationship has continued and grown. I am thankful for that in ways I can’t describe in words. Gathering around the kindled fire was an experience that I didn’t know would be so dear to me. That we were several hundreds of people was quite a powerful feeling as well. Knowing and feeling that many people who cared for and gathered around the same fire every week felt very loving and added to a feeling of safety. The Facebook group was in that sense great, as it really showed how many folks are out there. I was a balm to my sadness and fear of loneliness. And thank you for the vast sliding scale for payment – otherwise, I’d have not been able to take part in it.”

Ana A., Hildesheim, Germany

“The presence, the humility, the sober urgency, the decentering of the only-human drama… words can’t capture the level of integrity and coherence I felt was present when listening to these calls. It means a lot to me. I’m so weary of decades of teachings laced with toxic hubris or undealt with wounds. This felt so blessedly devoid of those poisons. This felt real. This felt like a taste of the communal nourishment that was a daily staple in the lives of my well ancestors. I could sense the ‘backing’ during these calls even more than in all the other classes. I will be revisiting these recordings again and again.”

Kristin S., Yachats, Oregon, USA



“The concept of relating to my dead relatives was unfamiliar but felt deeply true. I am now committed to the journey. I find Daniel to be trustworthy, humble, and of integrity. He is also funny, vulnerable, and authentic. And I like his stories. I highly recommend his teachings. A trustworthy teacher.”

Zom O., New South Wales, Australia



“The fires and iron cliff will stay with me forever. The courses have been very timely for “pandemic times.“ I often needed to break them into parts as they cracked me open. I needed time with the ideas and what came up. I can’t thank you enough. I would and have strongly recommended any and all of the courses to others.”

Susie F., Charlestown, Rhode Island, USA



“Kindling the Need Fire was the answer to the struggles I was experiencing during the pandemic. I found deep understanding and true shared community in this course. I have not found a place that honours death and grieving the way this course did. Having the focused weekly teachings, and Daniel’s way of inclusive teaching, made me feel really held by a community when I was unable to access one locally. The compassion, heart, and care put into this course were evident in the teachings. I was able to use his guided practices to tap into my ancestors unlike ever before.”

Phoenix R., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada



“Deep gratitude to Daniel Foor, Seyta, Marie, Sumaya, Jason, everyone on the Ancestral Medicine team, in the group, and to my ancestors and guides who showed up to do the work together. The last practice was so emotional, I couldn’t stop crying. I heard my ancestors say thank you. I will carry the ember of the flame within me as I navigate what comes next. I really appreciate the conversations, information, and healing from this course and in Bring Out Your Dead. I’m so grateful to have had this shared experience during the pandemic, honoring the recent dead and the ancestors in a profound and nurturing way.”

Cindi C., New York City, New York, USA

“I truly appreciated [the facilitators]. They each brought a strong personal presence and quality to the gathering while keeping a dogma-free energy beautifully intact. It was clear how much hard work and dedication they bring into the work. I felt the time and effort I brought to the gathering was respected and well met. I will certainly and emphatically recommend their work to my acquaintances.”

Cathasach C., Ashland, Oregon, USA

“I felt held with kindness and generosity along with clarity and forthrightness. There was an atmosphere of deep ritual safety and spacious learning. What I touched and discovered at the intensive was genuinely life-changing. So much gratitude and respect for the humility, knowing and loving presence of the teachers.”

Elanne K., Wai’anae, O’ahu, Hawai’i, USA

“The teachers provided such an open and loving environment to learn, heal and process all the information. I felt uplifted, held and supported during the intensive and feel it would be provided afterwards. I appreciate all the deep wisdom shared to help transform the lives of others and ourselves.”

Nikki Solomon, Black Mountain, North Carolina, USA

“Grateful to Daniel Foor, his team of supporters and the ancestors for bringing through this deeply needed work with such integrity and authenticity. This is a much-needed and overlooked resource for the crisis and obstacles we are currently facing as a global community… its potential ripple effects are many and far-reaching. Thank you also for modelling cultural competency and respect along with effective communication, it was deeply inspiring.”

Skye M., Melbourne, Australia

“Where to begin? I am cautious to not overwhelm with gratitude and appreciation. I’ve done quite a lot of trainings in various fields and I have never left a workshop feeling as well and nourished. A vibrancy, a sense of support, a knowing of health and wellness was so evident for me and my body. It was a happy surprise. Gratitude for the content of the work that is loving and kind. Gratitude for the extension of the work into building cultural acknowledgment, recognitions, apologies, reconciliation and also capacities to find new and old ways of reweaving connections between living humans and their ancestors, individually, and most importantly across cultures in time and space. A spirited and generous way of accessing and implementing cultural repair. Gratitude for further flow of love into acknowledging and repairing Other-than-human relationships, specifically for me personally with the Land. Gratitude for Daniel’s finely tuned capacity to hold so much in his attention and intention. Finally gratitude for the presence of Daniel. Words can’t express the salve of being in the presence of a person with integrity and humility.”

Melissa A., Melbourne, Australia

“If you think you want to heal yourself, your ancestors and/or help heal humanity, planet earth & its inhabitants, give this course a go. You will be safely guided to remember your deepest roots & ways to connect into this place you may have never imagined possible. The kumu (teachers) guided me on a journey that left me with comfort in my heart. Blessed & grateful.”

Hulakai A., Wai’anae, O’ahu, Hawai’i, USA

“I’m very grateful that I could take part in the Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensive in Hamburg. I’ve always found the online courses very fulfilling and well-designed but the greater sense of ritual with the in-person experience was wonderful. Personally I was able to achieve a great deal with my ancestors but also taking part in the bigger work of cultural repair with the group was incredible.”

Lyndal, W., Berlin, Germany/Melbourne, Australia

“To live in a society that does not provide frameworks for spiritually gifted people can feel a bit like being orphaned. In Ancestral Medicine’s work I have found knowledge and guidance for understanding my experience and for growing my skills in service of all beings.”

Claudia B., Hamburg, Germany