“I highly recommend the earth medicine training to anyone who is questing to increase their awareness of themselves in relationship with the land we live on and with the spirit that resides in that relationship. I can’t even begin to show the appreciation I feel for having had the chance to immerse myself in such an intense experience, and Daniel as a caring, knowledgeable, artistic, highly creative group leader/teacher, designed a program that was able to nurture and tend to our needs as humans.”  -Lorie, High School Teacher

“Daniel stepped into my life at a pivotal time, and I feel lucky to learn from him a life changing, heart-centered approach of relating to my ancestors. His knowledge and grounding approach provided me with a sense of safety and assurance when addressing the lineages which needed elevation and repair. I’ve been able to develop relationships with ancestors I thought I would not be able to forgive. The results have been profound in my life and that of my family! He is present through the process of healing, his humor soothes the heart, his authenticity provides a sacred space to do the work, and his humble way makes him rare among teachers. I feel blessed to consider him a mentor and friend.” Shannon, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor

“I’ve experienced Daniel’s work in a variety of settings – ancestor circles, community circles focused on intention and prayer, and at the annual Mt Shasta quest. Before working with Daniel, I felt a sense of disconnect and confusion about my ancestors, and it was affecting how I handled my relationships with living family. Work with Daniel helped me understand the origin of various fears and blocks, and within a short time I was able to make significant changes and move forward toward greater happiness.

I’ve benefited greatly from Daniel’s diverse and deep knowledge, his heart-felt presence and integrity, his way of listening and trust in intuition, his humble connection with spirit, and his gift of facilitating groups and guiding others. Daniel has changed the way I see the world, my family lines, and the way I view and relate with the earth. I highly highly recommend him as a teacher, guide, facilitator, conference speaker, leader, expert and friend.” -Elaine, Writer & Marketing Coach