Live Teachings, Courses & Trainings

Ancestral Medicine offers practical and powerful online courses focused on animist ethics, ancestral healing, ritual arts, and cultural change.


The old ones speak through the land. Join three guests of West African ancestries for a teaching and ritual on ways to partner with ancestors for cultural recovery.


Explore parenting-as-activism and learn to nurture Earth-honoring, decolonial values and age-appropriate cultural and spiritual skills.


A teaching and practice on how ancestral reconnection can empower men to dismantle oppressive systems and overcome emotional isolation.

Learn psychologically grounded, spiritually potent, and culturally courageous approaches to parenting and caring for children of all ages.


Initations: A Life of Ritual explores our human life as an initiatory journey via ritual arts, psychology, and rites of passage.

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On-Demand Courses

Our library of on-demand courses includes a wide range of topics on ancestral reconnection, Earth-honoring spirituality, ritual arts, cultural healing, and pragmatic life skills.

All courses are guided by Dr. Daniel Foor and include pre-recorded lessons (both video and audio), a resources section, inclusion in the Ancestral Medicine community forum, life-long access to materials, a transcription of all lessons, and pricing options to support accessibility.

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Dive deep into reconnection with your ancestors in support of personal, family and cultural healing.

An immersive course focused on knowing ourselves as the Earth and living in kinship and intimacy with the many beings.

Learn ways to reclaim and empower everyday speech and prayer as well as remedies for curses, gossip, and other misuses of word power.

This experiential course at the crossroads of writing, ancestry, and culture will be co-woven with Rachel Jamison Webster.