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Curious where to get started? Here are free teachings, interviews, and panel discussions with Ancestral Medicine founder, Daniel Foor, to help you dive in!

Teachings on Ancestral Healing

A primer on the fundamental question: How does ancestral healing work?

Insights for understanding that death is not only an ending and for expressing love and care for the recently deceased.

Ancestral healing practitioners explore how ancestral connection supports the living.

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Teachings on Ritual Arts

Boundaries are necessary and useful in any situation where we may be extending trust.

Where perspectives from developmental psychology and stages of consciousness meet wisdom on initiation and rites of passage.

A panel of educators and ritualists discuss the challenges of developing an approach to rituals when we aren’t raised with them.

Teachings on Practice for Daily Life

Grieving is both deeply human and also a gateway to greater wholeness, intimacy, and spiritual connection.

How can we embody our values and soul’s calling through the specific demands of our historical moment?

Ritual arts and spiritual practices come most alive in times of necessity.

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