Collective Action

Our core values at Ancestral Medicine include striving to be antisupremacist, international, and accessible. In addition to weaving a commitment to cultural healing through all of our offerings, we also at times participate in more direct, tangible forms of advocacy or activism.

In times such as ours of global upheaval, ongoing as that always is, we feel passionately as a spiritual teaching organization that striving for a kind, just, ecologically vibrant world is at the heart of work with the Sacred. There is only one precious world.

This page is intended as a resource for those seeking further information about our stance on global issues, those interested in ways to find support or resources, and those who wish to remain responsive through these times of accelerated change and upheaval.

For Organizations, Practitioners, and Groups

If you’re in a decision-making role at your organization or have your own practice or business in healing arts, and you’re seeking ways to be more impactful during times of global upheaval and ecological crisis, we applaud this calling. All efforts are sorely needed. 

In the spirit of solidarity and to perhaps encourage others who are navigating the complexities of livelihood, values, and calling, here are some ways we’re attempting to move in values-aligned ways in all that we offer to the world as an educational organization:

We offer robust scholarship, sliding scale, and accessibility policies for all of our offerings, from our Practitioner Training to public, one-time talks.

In response to global crises (e.g., earthquake in Turkey, genocide in Gaza), we sometimes produce free teachings, rituals, and fundraising offerings.

We regularly platform and fairly compensate guests who reflect the Global Majority. In 2024 this will include over 60 presenters from over 20 nations.

We maintain a sub-directory of practitioners and practitioners-in-training who offer free ancestral healing sessions to folks in need (see below).

Some ritualists in the AM Practitioner Network also offer different types of cultural healing events and we list these below in the resources section.

AM staff and practitioners all affirm anti-supremacist, Earth-honoring values. We hire for these values alongside other important skills and proficiencies.

Since October 2023, AM has given over $5,000 toward Palestinian relief work. This reflects a longer pattern of donations to folks doing good works.

Our founder Daniel Foor speaks to current events through social media as well as in public teachings, podcasts, etc (see resources section below).

Our team is always open to suggestions, feedback, possible collaborations, and ways to more effectively participate in collective liberation work.

Our offerings, in and of themselves, are forms of participation. Every course or event is designed with the intention of personal and cultural healing.

For Individuals Impacted by Global Conflict


Since 2017 nearly 200 people have completed the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Training that empowers folks to bring ancestral healing practices to their respective communities. They are therapists, holistic healers, cultural change-makers, herbalists, ritualists, and kind, skillful human beings of diverse backgrounds. Their offerings are available in over 20 languages and as many nations and most guide online sessions. See the full Practitioner Directory.

Some practitioners and practitioners-in-training offer free/pro bono sessions. All have organizational backing to guide this work and agree to our Practitioner Code of Ethics. Each practitioner decides if this offer extends only to certain groups (those impacted by global conflicts, BIPOC folks, trans clients, etc.) or if it’s available to anyone in financial need. That is specified on their websites (if they have a site) or by contacting them. If you would like to schedule a consult or dive in with session work, select the best fit from the list below and reach out to them directly.

If you’re trying to reach someone and haven’t heared back after several attempts over at least ten days, email and we can forward your message. Otherwise, please direct all communications to the practitioners directly.


This section will be developed further over time and is intended to encourage ongoing learning and engagement.

Palestine Focus

Resources for Collective Liberation (Recs from AM Practitioner Network & Staff)

  • Stay tuned! This section is currently under development.

Cultural/Political Oriented Interviews and Offerings by Daniel Foor

Cultural Healing Offerings by AM Practitioner Network

  • Anderson Ream (SF Bay Area, USA) offers accessible gatherings including “Ancestral Reconnection for White People and Action for a Free Palestine”
  • For anyone who has taken a course with AM, there are now regular, free offerings in our connection space (e.g., Ancestral Support for Activists)
  • Stay tuned! This section is currently under development.