Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions. If anything about your experience with our systems or services doesn’t meet you well, just let us know; we’re interested and responsive.


Any information you share will only be used for internal purposes as required for online ordering. Folks who attend trainings, online classes, or who explicitly ask for more info will be added to our monthly newsletter as this is how we keep in touch. Your email will never be shared and you can always easily unsubscribe.


Refunds are sometime necessary when plans change. When issuing refunds for online classes or for trainings well in advance, we retain a $25 USD administrative fee. If requesting a refund please do so as soon as possible as, especially for in-person events, as others may want to join in your stead. Refunds will not typically be granted for participants who cannot attend the full three days or for cancellations within a timeframe that prohibits others from joining, as space is limited and spaces often fill in advance.

Specific to In-Person Events

For three-day intensives, attendance is mandatory on the first day to be able to continue, and full participation (all three days) is expected. This is about ritual safety and the coherence of the vessel and the work. Exceptions may be made on rare occasions when a participant is already steeped in the work and there are open spaces.