About the Practitioners

The twenty-nine practitioners below have completed the practitioner training and requirements for certification. They’ve agreed to follow the Ancestral Lineage Healing Practitioner Code of Ethics. They are people of heart and integrity who have demonstrated sustained care and dedication to the work of ancestral healing. Feel warmly encouraged to contact them with questions. Sessions are currently available in English, Spanish, and French. Most practitioners offer distance and in-person sessions as well as sliding scale rates.

Elsa Asher (Berkeley, CA) is a somatic therapy practitioner and professor of Narrative Medicine. Their work focuses on ancestral lineage healing as part of a larger field of intergenerational and developmental trauma healing and cultural repair.  Elsa has received kehunah as a Hebrew ritualist and facilitates lifecycle rituals. They are grounded in the animist ways of their people, who are Sami, Ashkenazi and Sephardi Hebrew people, Scots-Irish, Western and Southern European, and Native North American. Elsa lives on Ohlone land in Northern California. For more info see: www.elsaasher.com.

Maris Bergrune, MS, M.Ac.O.M. (Grants Pass, OR) is a practitioner of seiðr, oracular medium, and singer-musician. She helps people become deeply well with their ancestors and access Northern European wisdom traditions and transformational ritual. She specializes in templates of Old Norse animist practices in order to build community and bring healing to the modern world. Maris has been engaged in healing ritual and spirit-work for over fifteen years, and teaches consent-based spirit practices that maintain sovereignty, healthy boundaries, and personal integrity. Her ancestors are primarily from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Wales, and Poland. For more info see: www.livingvoicemedicine.com.

Angela Blueskies, M.A. (Harpers Ferry, WV & Washington, DC) is a visionary musician, ceremonialist, and facilitator committed to the re-emergence of sacred life ways. A Q’ero initiate, she has journeyed to Peru since 2005, learning directly from elders and medicine people. A lifelong musician and Sound Medicine practitioner, Angela travels extensively through the Americas sharing transformational healing work, retreats, sacred sound events, and community ritual. With ancestry from Britain, France, and the Cherokee & Powhatan Nations, she lives in rural West Virginia at Rumi Wasi Sanctuary, a pristine mountaintop retreat and healing center. To learn more: www.angelablueskies.com & www.heartofthemotherretreats.com.

Tamira Sq

Tamira Cousett (Chapel Hill, NC) is a practitioner of ancestral and earth-honoring wisdoms and rituals, a student of West African Òrìṣà tradition in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà Awoyadé of Òdè Rẹ́mọ, and an initiate of Brazilian earth-honoring traditions. Her people are from West Africa and the Irish and British Isles. She has a B.S in chemistry and has worked in environmental science toward clean air and oil regulation for a decade. She is dedicated to holding an inclusive space celebrating all forms of ancestral diversity and weaving impactful intergenerational connections across space and time. More about Tamira: www.tamiracousett.com.

Jonathan Hadas Edwards, MS, LAc (Carrboro, NC) is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and student of divination traditions including I Ching and West African Ifá (initiated in Nigeria in 2013). He has trained extensively in Classical Chinese Medicine and western herbalism and has studied Ayurveda on a Fulbright in Nepal. Grounded in abiding respect for the power of language to conjure worlds, his ‘wyrdwork’ calls on the mantic magic of the alphabet. His people hail from Northwestern Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia, and the Pale; he lives on the Haw River in North Carolina’s eastern piedmont with partner and fellow practitioner, Julia Hartsell. For more info see: www.axismundihealingarts.com.