About the Practitioners

All practitioners have completed their foundational training in ancestral healing, maintain their certification, and agree to follow the Ancestral Healing Practitioner Code of Ethics.

Sessions are available in over 10 languages (please see bios or inquire directly). Most guide distance sessions (video conference or phone) and some meet in-person.

In addition to the practitioners below, there are practitioners-in-training in the Ancestral Medicine network available to guide sessions. If you are seeking someone with a particular background or would like to know more about low-income sessions, see the low income sessions link.

If you use this online directory to connect with a practitioner or trainee in the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network for ancestral healing services, you understand and agree that such practitioners or trainees are not serving as Ancestral Medicine employees, officers, or agents.

You understand that when a practitioner or trainee listed in the directory is also an employee or contractor with AM, the scope of the engagement between AM and the practitioner does not encompass the delivery of the ancestral healing sessions. You further agree that Ancestral Medicine is neither liable nor responsible for the actions of the practitioners and trainees included in the Directory or for the actions of those using the Directory.

If you would like to support the professional development of ancestral healing practitioners and trainees who are BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), LGBTQ+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer), low income, or serving other-than-English-speaking populations, see our scholarship fund link.

Our Practitioners

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Maris Bergrune

Grants Pass, OR, USA

Maris Bergrune, MS, M.Ac.O.M. is a practitioner of seiðr, oracular medium, and singer-musician. She helps people become deeply well with their ancestors and access Northern European wisdom traditions and transformational ritual. She specializes in templates of Old Norse animist practices in order to build community and bring healing to the modern world. Maris has been engaged in healing ritual and spirit-work for over fifteen years, and teaches consent-based spirit practices that maintain sovereignty, healthy boundaries, and personal integrity. Her ancestors are primarily from Germany, Switzerland, Holland, England, Wales, and Poland. For more info see: www.livingvoicemedicine.com.

Angela Blueskies

Harpers Ferry, WV & Washington, DC, USA

Angela Blueskies, M.A. is a visionary musician, ceremonialist, and facilitator committed to the re-emergence of sacred life ways. A Q’ero initiate, she has journeyed to Peru since 2005, learning directly from elders and medicine people. A lifelong musician and Sound Medicine practitioner, Angela travels extensively through the Americas sharing transformational healing work, retreats, sacred sound events, and community ritual. With ancestry from Britain, France, and the Cherokee & Powhatan Nations, she lives in rural West Virginia at Rumi Wasi Sanctuary, a pristine mountaintop retreat and healing center. To learn more: www.angelablueskies.com & www.heartofthemotherretreats.com.

litha booi ancestral medicine practitioner

Litha Booi

Johannesburg, South Africa

Litha Booi is an initiated sangoma, certified coach, and experienced actor, producer, and director. He is the co-founder of the Ancient Wisdom Africa platform (www.ancientwisdom.africa) to facilitate connections with traditional healers and ritualists for the intent of personal, societal, and Earth healing. His ancestors are Bantu, San (southern African First Nations people), coloured South Africans, Zanzibaris, and African Americans. Litha’s practice is guided by the Southern African concept of Ubuntu, which speaks to the interrelatedness of Earth, humans, and the spirits. Sessions and ritual work are also available in Xhosa and Zulu. For more info see: www.lithabooi.com.

Catherine Dunne

Cork, Ireland

Catherine Dunne, MA has over three decades of trauma-informed experience as a psychotherapist, supervisor and Movement Medicine teacher. Her passion and service in the world is rooted in embodied relationship – with ourselves, with other human folk, with our ancestors, and with the other-than-humans. Born and raised on traditional Lenape lands now known as Queens, New York, all eight of her great-grandparents are from Cork, Kerry, and Tipperary in southern Ireland, and for the last thirty years Catherine has been living on her ancestral lands in Cork. For more info see: www.catherine-dunne.com.

Jonathan Hadas Edwards

Carrboro, NC, USA

Jonathan Hadas Edwards, MS, LAc is an acupuncturist, herbalist, and student of divination traditions including I Ching and West African Ifá (initiated in Nigeria in 2013). He has trained extensively in Classical Chinese Medicine and western herbalism and has studied Ayurveda on a Fulbright in Nepal. Grounded in abiding respect for the power of language to conjure worlds, his ‘wyrdwork’ calls on the mantic magic of the alphabet. His people hail from Northwestern Europe, the British Isles, Scandinavia, and the Pale; he lives on the Haw River in North Carolina’s eastern piedmont with partner and fellow practitioner, Julia Hartsell. For more info see: www.HeartwardSanctuary.org.

daphne fatter am

Daphne Fatter

Dallas, TX, USA

Daphne Fatter, Ph.D. is a mid-career psychologist, certified Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist, and clinical IFS consultant. She draws on her background in transpersonal psychology, Taoist and Buddhist meditative practices, and clinical work with traumatic memory, grief, and attachment wounds to guide ancestral circles and trainings for other psychotherapists. Her ancestors are from Ireland, the UK, Switzerland, Germany, and Scandinavia, and she practices from an anti-racist, queer-inclusive, and culturally mindful framework. She was born and raised in Texas and lives on the traditional lands of the Comanche, Wichita, and Caddo peoples. For more info see: www.daphnefatterphd.com.

Gita Thandika Jean Fisher

Nevada City, CA, USA

Gita Thandika is an Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga teacher, business coach and elder/sundancer in the Lakota lineage of the Native American Church. Thandika has trained in ancestral healing with Dr. Daniel Foor over the last decade and is excited to guide others in this work that has been so empowering in her own healing journey. Raised in apartheid South Africa to a Zulu mother and Tamil father has instilled in her a strong sense of social justice and respect for cultural diversity. This spirit of reverence for resilience and creativity informs her approach to ritual, ceremony, and ancestral healing. For more info see: www.gitathandika.com.

Sarah Foor

Asheville, NC, USA

Sarah Foor, MFT has served as a counselor in public schools, hospital settings, and intensive family therapy. She completed a Hakomi Method two-year training, has worked as a massage therapist, and is an initiate in the Òrìṣà tradition of Yorùbá-speaking West Africa in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà. Prior to becoming a mother of two amazing girls, Sarah made several pilgrimages to Nigeria, and her people are settlers to North America from the British Isles, Germany, and France. Her offerings are rooted in respect for the body, the feminine, and the natural world. For more info: www.samarahealing.com.

Jacqueline Freeman

Phoenix, AZ, USA

Jacqueline Freeman, MA is passionate about reclaiming the sacredness of the body, embracing the fullness of our emotional expression, and reparenting our inner children to support a joyful and purposeful life. Growing up in the American South in a fundamentalist Baptist family brought unsolicited training in transforming religious toxicity, and Jacqueline went on to spend six years practicing Islam as a hijabi in ways that deepened her work in Abrahamic animism. This journey included living for a decade in The Netherlands, and she also offers sessions in Dutch (advanced intermediate). For more see: www.ritesopassage.com.

Julia Hartsell

Carrboro, NC, USA

Julia Hartsell is a dancer, catalyst for soulful, earth-honoring community, a pioneer in the modern Hoop Dance movement, and founder of The Flowjo, a movement sanctuary for dance, somatic & circus arts in Carrboro, NC. With a long history in the South, her people are from the British Isles, Germany, and Cherokee Nation and she brings to movement arts and ancestral healing ritual a deep to commitment to social justice. Julia weaves an animist worldview, passion for ecstatic embodied expression, and reverence for threshold experiences with a celebration of the Earth and sacred feminine for the intent of individual and collective healing. For more info see: www.HeartwardSanctuary.org.

jessica headley ancestral medicine

Jessica Headley Ternes

Inland Empire, CA, USA

Jessica Headley Ternes, MA facilitates ritual for death, dying, grief, and ancestral reconnection. Her ancestors are from the British and Irish Isles, Scandinavia, Prussia, Germany, France, Switzerland, and Southern Europe. She was raised and spent the first 20 years of her life in Joshua Tree, praising that land and its kin as profoundly impactful on the person she is today. She has worked in behavioral health as an empowerment evaluator and qualitative researcher, in palliative care units tending veterans who are dying, and in prisons facilitating groups to support individuals to create positive community spaces. For more info see: www.sacredthresholds.org.

Jen Hudziec

Stoddard, NH, USA

Jen Hudziec is an elemental ritualist, firewalk instructor, and spirit worker with two decades of experience in bodywork and polarity energy medicine. For over 25 years she has sought to integrate European Earth-honoring traditions with her Catholic upbringing, and she is passionate about supporting others to deepen their intuitive perception and reclaim their capacity for ritual arts. She gratefully cares for land in traditional Abanaki territory and maintains a strong commitment to cultural and systemic healing. Her ancestors are Slavic, Germanic, Baltic, and Scandanavian peoples. For more info see: jenhudziec.com.

Alex Ioannou

London, UK & Thessaloniki, Greece

Alex Ioannou, MA is a registered therapist, ritualist, and scholar/practitioner of orally transmitted vocal traditions. He companions people in the territories of trauma healing, attachment difficulties, death, and grief. Born and raised in Greece, Alex moved to England in his 20s and understands the complexities of belonging to two lands and cultures. He loves working with first- and second-generation immigrants, people experiencing spiritual crises/emergencies, and other edge-walkers. His people are from the Balkan peninsula, the Black Sea, and the Central and Eastern Mediterranean. Sessions available in English and Greek. To connect, visit: www.rodihealing.com.

ash johns 600x600

Ash Johns

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA

Ash Johns is a certified professional life coach, spiritualist, speaker, and business strategist living at the intersection of deep healing and practical strategy for freedom and abundance. She has 12+ years experience in advertising, branding, and entrepreneurship and guides thought leaders, corporates, DEI consultants, and soul-led entrepreneurs in living into their purpose to influence positive cultural change. She is the living legacy of enslaved Hoodoos, Bantu/Kongo, Mende, Limba, and other West, Central, and Southeast African peoples, as well as European colonizing settlers and immigrants. She currently resides in South Florida on Seminole lands. For more info see: www.ashleyjohns.com

Langston Kahn

New York, NY, USA

Langston Kahn is a queer black shamanic practitioner specializing in deep liberation and radical transformation. He stands firmly at the crossroads, his practice informed by Inner Relationship Focusing, initiations into traditions of the African Diaspora, the contemporary shamanic tradition of The Last Mask Center, and the guidance of his helping spirits and ancestors. Many of his mother’s people were brought early to North America as slaves and are from Nigeria, Mali, Benin, and Togo and include both Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews. His father’s people are from Switzerland, Scotland, the British Isles and German Jews. For more info see: www.langstonkahn.com.

Kimiko Kawabori

Seattle, WA, USA

Kimiko Kawabori, MPA has lived the complexities of disconnection from biological family, language, and land. Adopted by third generation Japanese Americans, Kimiko was born in Hawai’i and raised in Seattle. DNA tests claim she is 90% Japanese and 10% Filipino. She studies Japanese language and traditions and Hawaiian culture with the intention of reclaiming her roots. After 15 years trying to fit into the corporate world, Kimiko is passionate about helping adoptees and others to find cultural connection, authentic belonging, and unconditional support from the Earth and ancestors. For more info see: www.originswithin.com.

Chi Young Kim

Asheville, NC, USA

Chi Young Kim is dedicated to helping people reclaim relationship with their ancestors, to one’s self, and to the larger community of the living Earth for a deeper sense of purpose and belonging. All her recent ancestors are from Korea and as a Korean American woman, she has learned to bridge multiple cultural realities and identities. Her offerings of ancestral healing and grief support are grounded, embodied and culturally mindful. Born in Seoul, Korea, raised in New York City, land of the Lenape, she currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina the ancestral lands of the Cherokee (Tsalagi) peoples. For more information visit: www.rememberingvoice.com.

Elanne Kresser

Park City, UT, USA

Elanne Kresser is devoted to the labor of birthing a world in which all voices, both human and otherwise, are honored. She has practiced in the Ordinary Mind School of Zen for two decades and directed The Dharma School for children for eight years, and her adult life has been dedicated to community-based, culturally-generative, earth-honoring education. She brings curiosity and kindness to the practice of ancestral and cultural healing and loves supporting others to reclaim their self-worth, life purpose, and sense of belonging. Her people hail from Bavaria, Bohemia, Jämtland, Sweden and England. For more info see: www.elannekresser.com.

Maria Kurylo

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Maria Kurylo is an energy medicine practitioner, teacher of yogic traditions, and priestess of divine feminine mysteries. She specializes in sacred sexuality and in helping those with personal or intergenerational trauma to create healthy relational boundaries, reconnect with body and voice, and step into an empowered relationship with their essence. Maria loves supporting people to open to their intuitive gifts and reclaim their innate connection to spirit and the natural world. She is the mother of two and her ancestors are from Poland, Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. Maria offers sessions in English and in French. For more info see: www.mariakurylo.com.

Alyson Lanier

Wilmington, NC, USA

Alyson Lanier has over 25 years of experience in the field of psychology and extensive training in trauma and attachment therapy, gestalt therapy, somatic sex education, subtle energy work, and transpersonal psychology. Alyson can be found leading groups and teaching courses on all things relationship. With humor and heart, she loves empowering her clients, helping them heal personal, familial, and cultural burdens; and helping them remember and reconnect to what really matters. Her ancestors hail from the fertile crescent, the Baltic Sea countries, and northwestern European islands. To learn more about Alyson visit: www.AlysonLanier.com.

Marie-Louise Lapeyre

Daylesford, Vic, Australia

Marie-Louise Lapeyre is a midwife of birth death and the soul. She was born and raised in France, and her people are from France, Switzerland, Italy, and Denmark. She lives in Australia on the ancestral lands of the Dja Dja Warung people, where she grows food and medicinal plants. She sees relationships of reciprocity to other than humans, to the cycles of life, as well as to the unseen world, as ways back into belonging and rich cultural homecoming. Ce travail peut se faire aussi en Français. For more info, see www.birthlifedeath.com.au.

Kate Lawrence

Melbourne, Vic, Australia

Kate Lawrence is a Spiritual Carer who offers emotional and soul support in a public hospital. Working with her ancestors has brought joy and transformation to her life, and she delights in supporting people to deepen with their ancestors to heal generational patterns and stand in their unique potential and goodness. Her people are from Sydney (Gadigal Country), Ireland, Scotland, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Israel and Egypt. She lived for 25 years in Dublin, Ireland and returned in 2018 to the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation, now known as Melbourne. For more info: listeningtotheancestors@gmail.com. Not currently seeing new clients.

Shannon Ledford

Asheville, NC, USA

Shannon Ledford brings flavors from many of her iterations in this lifetime. Her time as a corporate lawyer, global travel photographer and community builder have also shaped her and her work. Her favorite challenge and devotional endeavor is guiding her wise daughter. Shannon finds a sense of true belonging with the ancestors, and is inspired to share that with her daughter and work to create a deep sense of belonging for all of our children. Her people hail from Italy and the British Isles. She lives on the ancestral lands of the Cherokee in NC. To connect visit: www.shannonledford.com.

Velma E. Love

Atlanta, GA, USA

Velma E. Love, MDiv., Ph.D. , engages African spirituality in helping people to create new life stories and participate more fully in cultural healing. She is passionate about healing generational trauma among African Americans and supporting younger visionaries and change-makers. She is descended through the transatlantic slave trade from the Temne of Sierra-Leone, the Balanta of Guinea-Bisseau, and the Makua of Mozambique. Velma is an initiate in the priesthoods of Ọbàtálá and Ọ̀ṣun in the Òrìṣà tradition of Yorùbá peoples through the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà of Òdè Rẹ́mọ, Ogun State, Nigeria. For more info see: www.drvelmalove.com.

Sidheag MacLeod

North Cascade Mountains, WA, USA

Sidheag MacLeod passionately expresses love for the ancestors through song, story, art, creative ritual, and ceremony. In partnership with the unseen realms, she celebrates belonging with her older lineage ancestors among the Celtic nations, Norse, Germanic, Slavic, and Baltic Sea peoples. Sidheag holds a degree in Music, Theatre & Dance from The Evergreen State College with a focus in songwriting and musical storytelling. She is a practitioner of oracular and divinatory healing arts and is dedicated to serving elders, creatives, and LGBTQ+ folks in weaving their life path with destiny. For more info visit: ancestralbelonging.com.

Jeff McElwain

Denver, CO, USA

Jeff McElwain, MPAS, PA-C is a physician assistant in family medicine with a lifelong career dedicated to community and individual health. He practices animist, ancestral reverent and earth-honoring ways and strives to remain in awe of the beauty, resilience and fierceness of the earth and all her peoples. He has special interest in the intersection of health/illness and its relationship to ancestral burdens/blessings and in supporting men in the healing of patriarchy and colonialism. His ancestors are most recently Celtic, Norwegian and Germanic and he is grateful to the Cheyenne, Arapaho and Ute people, whose ancestral lands he was born on and calls home. For more information: mcelwain@frontier.net.

Pavini Moray

San Francisco, CA, USA

Pavini Moray, M.Ed works primarily with LGB, queer and trans folks who long to know who they are and feel they belong. Trained in somatics, trauma, and sexuality support, Pavini works through a transgenerational lens of ancestral exploration and healing. Pe is of mainly Scottish and English descent, is an initiate of the Shakta Tantra lineage of Kali worship, and facilitates ceremony and practices of earth-based magick. Listen to pe’s podcast Bespoken Bones and visit pe’s website Emancipating Sexuality to learn more about how you and your lineage can be well in all the ways.

Larisa Noonan

Salem, OR, USA

Larisa Noonan grew up afraid of burning in Hell. Now she spends her days working with witchy healers who grew up, as she did, in fundamentalist Christian homes. She has specialized for nearly two decades in trauma healing, embodiment skills, and supporting healthy boundaries and is passionate about ancestral healing and supporting those in recovery from religious fundamentalism. Larisa lives with her husband and son in Oregon’s Willamette Valley on the ancestral homelands of the Kalapuya. Her ancestors are from France, the Netherlands via Ukraine, Germany, and Switzerland. She no longer fears burning in Hell. For more info: www.larisanoonan.com.

Erica Nunnally

Providence, RI, USA

Erica Nunnally, MA is an animist, ritualist, teacher of yogic traditions, Reiki master teacher, and a steward of Earth’s medicines. She was raised in a Christian and military family with a fluid sense of home and shallow connection to roots, and after decades of personal study and reclamation, found home with her ancestors. Erica specializes in supporting folks with limited knowledge of their family and cultural origins but who are called to deep healing and reconnection. Her ancestors are primarily Choctaw, Nansemond, West African, and Irish. For more info see: www.ericanunnally.com.

Vanessa Radman

San Francisco, CA, USA

Vanessa Radman is a queer intuitive healer, animist ritualist, and artist dedicated to collective liberation. She supports those seeking to navigate healthy relationship to their ancestors and the living earth. Her trauma-informed, intersectional feminist approach acknowledges the innate wisdom of each person’s journey and is grounded by her training in traditional folk herbalism, flower essences, spirit medicine and navigating the wild untameable magick of the heart. Her ancestors are most recently from Northern Ireland, Southern Italy and the Dalmatian coast (Croatia). She is grateful to live on Yelamu Ohlone land. To find out more: cimarutahealing@gmail.com.

Laura Sandage

Davis, CA, USA

Laura Sandage, BM, MA is a community arts leader, performer, and ritualist. Her life’s work is healing self and others through creativity, and her spiritual home is the community-built Earth Chapel in her backyard. Embodied song-as-ritual is a current passion, fed by decades devoted to music, literature, writing, theater, and art. Her ancestral healing work and the circles she tends are infused with playful wonder, trauma sensitivity, and a clear imperative to respect all beings. Her Old Ones are Viking, Sami, Pict, Welsh, and Gallic, and her husband is Punjabi Sikh. Find her at ancestralarts.org and laurasandage.com.

Flora Schanda

Vienna, Austria

Flora Schanda is a queer witch, forest therapy guide, and student of religious studies, gender, and mythology. She interweaves her awareness of diversity, marginalisation, and intersectionality with being a tree-hugging Pagan rekindling European animist and spiritual traditions. She delights in supporting others to rediscover their place in greater webs of kinship and to connect with the wisdom, beauty, and magic of the living Earth and ancestors. A descendant of Germanic, Norse, Slavic, and Celtic peoples, her recent ancestors are from Austria, Bohemia, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, and Germany. Sitzungen auf Deutsch und Englisch. For more info see: www.wildremembering.earth.

Seyta Selter

Union, WA, USA

Seyta Selter, MA is a seasoned ancestral healing practitioner, teacher, entrepreneur, and Ancestral Medicine staff emeritus as Director of Operations. She is currently on sabbatical from her private practice. Seyta has an MA in East-West Psychology and her professional background includes small business ownership and development, undergraduate teaching in dream psychology and consciousness studies, technology and research development in meaningful subjective experiences, and guiding ritual. Her recent ancestors were settlers in New York and Illinois from the Hebrew diaspora, the British Isles, and Germany. Seyta lives fjord-side in Union, Washington, traditional Skokomish Twana lands. For more info see: innerlands.org.

Taya Shere

El Cerrito, CA, USA

Taya Shere co-founded Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute and teaches ritual, multi-religiosity and ancestor reverence at Starr King School for the Ministry. Taya is a practitioner of Somatic Experiencing, co-author of The Hebrew Priestess: Ancient and New Paths of Jewish Women’s Spiritual Leadership and co-leads a multi-religious Jewish & Sufi community rooted in counter-oppressive devotion. Taya’s people are from the Jewish diaspora – most recently the Ukraine, Poland and Russia, and she teaches online courses on Jewish Ancestral Healing. She co-leads a monthly Bay Area Ancestor Circle and offers individual sessions virtually and near Berkeley, CA. For more info see: www.jewishancestralhealing.com.

Trece Spalten

Austin, TX, USA

Trece Spalten is an intuitive, teacher, and healing arts practitioner specializing in connecting people with their inner wisdom and manifesting it through practical skills. His background in psychology (BA), Montessori education, bodywork (LMT), and extensive psychic training has deeply honed his skills of listening, guidance, and insight. At the heart of it, his work centers on helping those seeking greater purpose by rediscovering the soul-level resources that are vital to a whole, meaningful life. Descendant of the Finns, Germans, Norse, and people of the British Isles, Trece honors his ancestors as a profound source of healing and reconnection with the living Earth. Find him at www.trecespalten.com.

lindsay sudeikis 600x600

Lindsay Sudeikis

Brooklyn, NY, USA

Lindsay Sudeikis is an animist with a mystic heart, an educator-activist, and former catholic nun. Her people hail from Lithunian, Irish, and Slavic lands and waters. She specializes in connecting folks to their inner-life and with their beloved ancestors for the overall health and balance of the ecosystem. Since 1999, she’s journeyed with thousands of people on their quest for wholeness, wonder, and social transformation through circle discussions, personal sessions, retreats, immersive service experiences, and social action throughout North America and parts of Europe. For more info see: www.omniasancta.org

Kirra Swenerton

Oakland, CA, USA

Kirra Swenerton M.S., D.D. is a scientist, healer and artist specializing in restoration ecology and community ritual. Kirra teaches about earth reverence, ethnobotany and ecology and is dedicated to conserving rare species and honoring wild places. She leads devotional rituals for people seeking deeper guidance from nature and their own ancestral roots. Kirra’s ancestors came from the British Isles and Ireland, Armenia and Italy. She is the founder of Root Wisdom, an organization offering nature journeys, environmental consulting, psychedelic integration and ceremonial services based on Ohlone land in Oakland, CA.

marina szijarto ancestral medicine practitioner 300x300

Marina Szijarto

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Marina Szijarto, BFA is a visual artist, ritualist, animist, shrine maker and artist-in-residence at Mountain View Cemetery who is passionate about reclaiming right relationship with sentient beings. Through embodying the creative alchemy of, “My hands are their hands, their hands are my hands”, Marina weaves in partnership with their older lineage ancestors from the British Isles, Hungary, Italy, Iberia, the Caucasus and Nordic regions of Europe. Marina grew up on the ancestral lands of their maternal peoples in rural England embedded in ancient traditions, folklore, and history, before moving to coastal British Columbia. For more info see: www.marinaszijarto.com and www.nightforallsouls.com.

Michelle Ayn Tessensohn


Michelle Ayn Tessensohn has over two decades of experience in healing arts and personal development with training in yoga, zen shiatsu, psychospiritual counselling, life coaching, and mindfulness. She has worked with plant medicines and deepened into ritual through diverse earth-honoring traditions. Her interest is in helping others to heal from trauma and embody their gifts, abilities and purpose more fully. She is a fifth-generation Singaporean Eurasian and lives on the ancestral lands of the Orang Laut and Orang Asli. Her ancestors are from Sri Lanka, China, Indonesia, Melanesia, England, Holland, Germany, Ireland, and Portugal. For more info see: www.self-masterycoaching.com.

Ela Twigg

Asheville, NC, USA

Ela Twigg supports people in trusting their body’s wisdom and accessing the relational support of ancestral and Earth honoring connections. Through her span of work across social services, grassroots activism, healing arts, and business leadership, she is committed to working for personal growth, cultural healing, and social change. Her ancestors are primarily German, English, Polish, Scottish, Scandinavian, and Irish—farmers, soldiers, craftspeople, Quakers, and industry workers. Ela’s approach is friendly, pragmatic, and influenced by many years of somatic awareness skills, normalized relationship with the unseen, and family history research. She is on indefinite hiatus from private practice. To learn more: www.theremembering.org.

Jillian Twisla

Hope, ME, USA

Jillian Twisla is a down-to-Earth plant mystic, mother of three, and heart-centered ritualist living on unceded Wabanaki lands. She embodies a grounded approach to plant spirit medicine, herbalism, and ritual practice guided by the traditions and knowledge of her Irish, Southern Italian, German, Bulgarian, Latvian and Jewish ancestors. Jillian comes to this work from a deep understanding that attending to our ancestral and family healing can serve as a clear and honest foundation from which to more effectively participate in work for lasting cultural change. For more info: www.hyllantree.com.

Vicky Vail

Boise, ID, USA

Vicky Vail, MA is an intuitive healer who companions others through the liminal spaces of grief, uncertainty, transitions, and transformations. Her work is informed by her training as a contemplative psychotherapist, her work with children and young adults, and the belief that we heal in relationships. She is passionate about helping people trust themselves as they reclaim and embody their gifts. Vicky’s ancestors are from England, Scotland, and Germany. Vicky is Hard of Hearing and a student of American Sign Language. Sessions are available in English and in ASL (intermediate level). For more information, see wildrosehealing.org. Not currently seeing new clients.

Adrián Villaseñor-Galarza

Guadalajara, México & Fresno, CA, USA

Adrián Villaseñor-Galarza, PhD is passionate about human transformation in service to the living Earth. He devoted his PhD research to the confluence of Eastern liberation teachings and the human-nature connection, resulting in an elemental framework for self-discovery, healing, and sustainable action. His ancestors are primarily from the Iberian Peninsula (Spanish & Portuguese) and pre-hispanic México (Nahua, Purépecha, and Nahua-Otomí). Adrián’s service is rooted in his direct experiences with wisdom lineages that he’s honored since his teens. Gracias a su legado bi/poli-cultural, realiza su trabajo y servicio en Español e Inglés. For more info see: www.living-flames.com.

Hazel Volk

Hauts-de-France, France

Hazel Volk is dedicated to earth protection and social change. For years she has worked with non-profits using photography, design, and communication skills to educate and inspire. Hazel holds a generous and heart-centered space to re-member and explore ancestral roots and Earth connection. She is passionate about genealogy, reviving traditional European knowledge and supporting people to grow a deeper sense of belonging and reciprocity with the rest of life. Her people are Gauls, Belgae, Franks, Danes and Schythians. She lives on the lands of her ancestors. Session in French and English. www.deeproots.fr.

Nala Walla

Pacific Northwest, USA

Nala Walla MS, NTP Practicing cultural acupuncture from a handbuilt earthen-sanctuary, Nala helps healers and post-activists to become more intimate with the lands we live upon. Outfitted with an embodied and liberatory approach to dismantling “whiteness,” we set out to restore relationships with ancient foodways and ceremonial wailing traditions. We revive the deep-time wisdoms within our lineages, sprouting our latent capacities for ritual to nourish both grief and gratitude. Nala descends from Ashkenazi Jewish and Romani Folk most recently from Poland and Russia, and lives on a permaculture homestead beside the Salish Sea. www.bwellnow.org.

Aarinade Williams

Leesville, SC, USA

Aarinade Williams is a clairvoyant, mentor, and teacher with a strong awareness of and connection to the ancestors and spirit world. A passionate personality, she loves teaching the fundamentals of spiritual development, guiding people to grow in self-responsible ways, and helping others build a direct relationship with their ancestors. Aarinade is a great-grandmother and student of African traditional religions, and her ancestors are Bubi, Tikar, Hausa, Fulani and other West and Central African peoples enslaved in the Carolinas. She currently lives on the traditional lands of the Congaree people. For more info see: www.queenaarinade.org.

jay michael white ancestral medicine opt

Jay Michael White

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Jay Michael White is a spiritual healer, certified professional coach, teacher, artist, and devotee of the Christian tradition committed to inspiring and supporting people who desire a deeper relationship with self, community, and the Divine. His people are from Ohio, Georgia, D.C., Virginia, Guinea-Bissau and West Africa. He inherits from them potent magic and medicine in the areas of inner wisdom, personal ritual development, healing wounds of the heart, and addressing the spiritual dimensions of illness and injury. To connect with him visit: www.blackancestralhealing.com and www.blackbirdsheal.org.

Banta Whitner

Black Mountain, NC, USA

Banta Whitner, MSW is a psychotherapist, ritualist, and circle keeper, with more than 30 years experience working with trauma, attachment, grief, and loss. A student of Celtic traditions and spiritual ecology, Banta brings heart and seasoned wisdom to her work. She is committed to helping clients come home to themselves, find belonging and resourcing with their ancestors, and gain clarity about their life purpose. Banta’s ancestors are earlier settlers to North America from Scotland, England, and Northwestern Europe. She lives, gardens, and befriends the crows on the ancestral lands of the Cherokee peoples. To connect with Banta, visit: www.calloftheancestors.org.

Shannon Willis

Athens, GA, USA

Shannon Willis, M.Ed is a dedicated animist and ritualist working at the intersection of dream midwifery, psychopomping, ancestral reverence and oracular mediumship. She is a student and devotee of Yoruba culture as an initiate of Ọbàtálá, and Ọ̀ṣun, in the lineage of Olúwo Fálolú Adésànyà Awoyadé from Òdè Rẹ́mọ, and a devotee of Nepali shamanism. Her people of blood and bone hail from the British Isles, France, West Africa, and Cherokee and Kaskaskia/Illini nations. She dreams and practices joy daily in Athens, Georgia, USA, historic lands of the Creek Muskogee peoples, along with her son, four-legged fur babies, oak, pecan, magnolia, and the North Oconee Watershed. You can also find her at redearthhealing.org.

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Elisheva Wolff

Traverse City, MI, USA

Elisheva Wolff is a queer, non-binary Ashkenazi Jewish cultural worker, somatic healing practitioner, and earth-based ritualist. Their people are from Lithuania, France, Germany, and Eastern and Northwestern Europe, and they live on Anishinaabe lands known to settler colonialists as Northern Michigan. They tend a somatic, cultural, and ancestral healing practice supporting groups and individuals to heal from intergenerational trauma and oppression. Elisheva’s work is grounded in yoga, dance, somatics, ancestral healing, and multi-faith spiritual practice. In their spare time, they enjoy printmaking, working with herbal medicine, and spending time in nature and with family and friends. For more info see: www.elishevasimonwolff.com.

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Elah Zakarin

Asheville, NC, USA

Elah Zakarin is animated by a passion and commitment to remember our connection with the living Earth, heal the wounds in our bodies and souls, and create a more just and beautiful world. Elah’s current offerings include ancestral lineage healing, emergence counseling and writing coaching & editing. Elah’s grounded, dynamic and heart-centered approach rests on a fundamental trust in our innate wholeness and draws from animist Jewish spirituality, Buddhist training, Internal Family Systems and various other traditions. Their beloved ancestors are Ashkenazi Jews most recently from Poland, Russia and France. To connect with Elah, visit: www.elahzakarin.com.