Ancestral Healing Practitioner

Code of Ethics

Ancestral healing practitioners prioritize personal well-being in ways that enable them to effectively serve others. This includes being willing to ask for and to receive support. 

Ancestral healing practitioners sustain active and generative relationships with their ancestors and seek to embody the principles of ancestral and family healing. 

Ancestral healing practitioners model cultural self-responsibility, fairness, and respect and do not discriminate with regard to ethnicity, race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, mental or physical ability, political views, nationality, immigration status, or socio-economic background.

Ancestral healing practitioners adhere to the Ancestral Healing Practitioners Code of Ethics and related agreements as well as ethical codes and agreements relevant to their credentials, professional associations, and other forms of service in the world.

Ancestral healing practitioners commit to proactive communication, personal responsibility, and regard for impact when navigating relational and structural power differentials with clients, students, practitioners and colleagues, and Ancestral Medicine teachers and staff.

Ancestral healing practitioners maintain and affirm healthy boundaries and practice active consent in sessions and teachings and in discerning when, how, and with whom to offer their services.

Ancestral healing practitioners encourage others to relate directly with their supportive ancestors and cultures of origin and foster cooperation and mutual respect among colleagues and practitioners from other traditions.

Ancestral healing practitioners seek to resolve conflicts in proactive, direct, and generative ways. This includes using established channels for conflict resolution, avoiding gossip, and encouraging good outcomes and repair.

Ancestral healing practitioners commit to a path of life-long learning and professional growth. This includes participating in continuing education, inviting feedback, and welcoming support. 

Ancestral healing practitioners practice respect both for diverse types of human ancestors as well as for our other-than-human kin, seen and unseen, terrestrial and beyond.