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What is Animism?

Animism is Relational Animism is simply an approach to life that emphasizes relationships. While the term can have historical baggage from white, Western academics who

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About the Author

Daniel Foor, PhD, is a licensed therapist and a doctor of psychology. He has led ancestral healing intensives throughout the United States since 2005.

Dr Daniel Foor

He is an initiate in the Ifá/Òrìṣà tradition tradition of Yorùbá-speaking West Africa and has trained with teachers of Mahayana Buddhism, Islamic Sufism, and diverse indigenous paths, including the ways of his English, Irish, and German ancestors.

His approach to ancestor reverence and earth-honoring spirituality is heart-centered, non-dogmatic, and honoring of soul-level difference. He views ancestral and family healing as one part of a larger movement for social and earth justice. Daniel and his family live in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.