Animism, Ancestors, and…

Astrology, Herbalism, Activism, Psychedelics and Yoga

Jun 4 and 18, Jul 9, Aug 8 and 27

90 MIN EACH | 12:00 LA | 3PM NEW YORK | 21:00 BERLIN

A Series on Earth-Connected Living

Animism is the practice of loving and respecting our greater family—mountains and rivers, plants and animals, stones and stars, the living and the dead. It’s about ethics and community, love and creativity, justice and the living Earth. If you’re into things like herbalism, astrology, yoga, and work for cultural change, chances are you’re already living some of these relational, Earth-honoring values.

In this series, we’ll consider ways that Earth-honoring ethics and respect for ancestors and lineage can enliven popular domains of practice and culture. The intent is to bring fresh perspective and energy to traditions that already nourish our path.

Our themes this cycle are Animism, Ancestors, and…Astrology, Herbalism, Activism, Psychedelics, and Yoga. Each session will be a lively 90 minutes of teachings with three guest panelists, a guided practice, and time for some questions and live interaction.

By bringing awareness to the relationships that surround us, we can live a more inspired and fulfilling life. Despite the ecological catastrophe of the times, the Earth sings through and around us with ancient wisdom and magic. This is good. This is our nature. Felt connection with these sources of nourishment can heal our hearts and bodies, help to remember purpose, and infuse our daily practices.

We’ll explore topics like:

Our time will include:

Each gathering will be held in a kind, welcoming spirit for folks of all backgrounds. Those new to the material as well as seasoned practitioners are all likely to find something of benefit. 

This series also serves to highlight two of our foundational courses, Ancestral Lineage Healing and Practical Animism. Thousands have taken these courses since 2017 and have gone on to take the teachings into their practices, professions, families, and activism.

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Animist ethics and respect for the ancestors are basic human values of relationship, essential for much needed cultural change and vital for breathing life into the practices that already nourish our path.

Our Esteemed Guests & Hosts

Below are the fifteen global thinkers, activists, healers, teachers, CEOs, PhDs, and generally spectacular humans we’ve gathered for this series. To learn more about the full panel for each event, click or tap on the colorful orbs above, or on the images below to learn more.


PsyD, birthed Decolonizing Therapy® and author of “Decolonizing Therapy”.


Queer Black Mother, community member, Licensed Therapist and Medicine woman.


Plant mystic, queer mom, educator, ritualist, and Ancestor Healing Practitioner.


Activist and author, transforming yoga through inclusivity. Leader of Yoga For All.


Lady Buggs is reclaiming the sacred roots of farming through spiritual homesteading.


Keeper and researcher of the Henna tradition, teacher of plant wisdom through ceremony.


Co-founder of Idola Stellarum, writer, astrologer, mage, and educator.


Committed to ritual and ceremony, yoga and ayurveda, and ancestral healing.


2nd generation astrologer, somatic educator and founder of Embodied Astrology.


CEO of NativeSci LLC, PhD, Peyotist, and Shoshone-Bannock citizen.


Founder of Salaam: Queer Muslim Community, lawyer, and activist.


Iya Oyalade, mother, priestess, author, death and grief doula, yogi, and griot.


Scholar and lecturer shaped by their experiences of Apartheid and exile.


Edge-walker, healing artist and scientist specializing in land and water tending.


Relational astrologer, writer and author of the guidebook The Rosebud Tarot.