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Animism, Ancestors, and Activism

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wth El Farouk Khaki, Jennifer Mullan, and Tsepo Bollwinkel

Tuesday, July 9
90 min each | 12:00 LA | 3pm New York | 21:00 Berlin
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Our Invitation

This third gathering in our five-part series will focus on work for systemic and cultural change as it relates to animist ethics and ancestor reverence. Activism, in its many expressions, will be explored as aligned with spiritual traditions and as a multi-generational practice of reaching for just Earth conditions. Presenters will share from their personal and professional journeys of a life in service to land, love, and multicultural community.

Amidst the catastrophe of our times, the Earth still sings through and around us with ancient wisdom and magic. This innate belonging and joy is fundamentally good and also our nature as human beings. In this series, we’ll ask how animist ethics—respect and love for our greater web of kinship—can help us to navigate accelerated Earth changes and bring fresh perspective and energy to the traditions that already nourish our path.

This event will be hosted by Tsepo Bollwinkel with the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network and two esteemed guests El Farouk Khaki, and Jennifer Mullan. Tsepo is a scholar, lecturer and musician with three decades of activist work in Black, queer and anti-capitalist movements. Jennifer is the founder of Decolonizing Therapy, a psychological evolution that weaves together political, ancestral, therapeutic and global well-being. El Farouk is a refugee/immigration lawyer, and a human rights and liberation spirituality activist. See below for more on their work in the world.

We’ll explore topics like:

Our time will include:

Our time will be held in a kind and culturally inclusive spirit for participants of all backgrounds. Those new to the material as well as seasoned herbalists are likely to find something of benefit.

This event is part of a larger series that includes four other teachings on Animism, Ancestors and…Astrology, Activism, Psychedelics, and Yoga. This series also serves to highlight two of our foundational courses, Ancestral Lineage Healing and Practical Animism. Thousands have taken these courses since 2017 and have gone on to take the teachings into their practices, professions, families, and activism.


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  • Animism, Ancestors, and…Astrology, Herbalism, Activism, Psychedelics, and Yoga. Each session will be a lively 90 minutes of teachings with three guest panelists, a guided practice, and time for some questions and live interaction

Others in the Series

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and, behold, service was joy.” -Rabindranath Tagore

About the Presenters


El-Farouk Khaki

El-Farouk Khaki (he/him) is a refugee/immigration lawyer, a human rights & dignity activist, a liberational spirituality activist, marriage officiant, public speaker, writer, author & media commentator on Islam, LGBTIQ/human rights, spiritual/religious trauma, refugees, politics, racism, HIV, & queer Parenting. He is the founder of Salaam: Queer Muslim Community (1991), and co-founder & imam of el-Tawhid Juma Circle: The Unity Mosque (2009). His refugee law practice focuses on refugee claims based on sexual orientation, gender, gender identity/expression & HIV. A TedX and recipient of numerous awards, who also co-wrote children’s book titled “Moondragon in the Mosque Garden” co-authored with Troy Jackson.

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Jennifer Mullan

Jennifer Mullan, PsyD, is a major disruptor in the mental health industrial complex. Her work is an urgent call to dive to the root of global and generational trauma to unlock the wisdom of our sacred rage. Dr. Mullan birthed Decolonizing Therapy®, a psychological evolution that weaves together political, ancestral, therapeutic and global well-being. She is also the creator of the popular Instagram account @decolonizingtherapy and recipient of Essence magazine’s 2020 Essential Hero Award in the category of mental health. She is the author of “Decolonizing Therapy: Oppression, Historical Trauma & Politicizing Your Practice” which has ignited a fervent wave of acclaim and community support as a National Best Seller. Learn More

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Tsepo Bollwinkel

Tsepo Bollwinkel Keele is a scholar, lecturer and musician living in Germany. Gifted with a rich ancestry of South Africas Indigenous Khoi and Sotho people and a German/British mix Tsepos thinking is shaped by their experiences of colonization, Apartheid and exile, of injustices and disconnect worldwide. After 3 decades of activist work in Black, queer and anti-capitalist movements they engaged more and more in education as lecturer and trainer. In the recent years Tsepos focus shifted to creating spaces for reconnection to Earth, Spirits and Ancestors and to prepare for the major changes to come. Learn More