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Begins Oct 11, 2018

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Begins May 13, 2019


Please note: these offerings are intended for personal growth and enrichment and are not trainings to become practitioners in ancestral healing or animism. We do have an occasional practitioner training program, which you can find out more about here.

Comparison of ancestral healing courses through Shift Network and Ancestral Medicine

Autumn is a great time for depth tending with the ancestors, and I’m happy as the season darkens to guide two distinct online courses in ancestral healing. One has been planned for a while (the Ancestral Medicine course) and the other is an exciting collaboration with The Shift Network. Although the material is largely the same for both (experiential ancestral lineage healing), the format is a bit different, and I’ve tried to compare the two below to help you decide which may be a better fit for your learning style.

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Hours of Direct (Video) Contact. The Ancestral Medicine course includes 12 hours of live video contact (eight 90-minute sessions). The Shift course includes 24 live video hours (12 two-hour sessions including practitioner-supported peer breakout groups).

Pre-Recorded Teachings. The Ancestral Medicine course includes more than 7 hours of video teachings as 30-min videos within each lesson (with downloadable audio versions). These can be re-watched at your leisure and will likely include closed captioning (still sorting that). The Shift course focuses on live video conferences that will also be available as audio files as well as transcribed pdf files.

Duration and Pacing. The Ancestral Medicine course is 5 months in duration, with new lessons usually released every two weeks and a live 90-minute conference video call approximately once or twice a month. This pace aims to support in-depth work with each lesson ( see course calendar here). The Shift course is 3 months at a quicker pace with a 2-hour live video conference each week minus holidays.

Additional Learning Resources. The Ancestral Medicine course is jam-packed with additional ancestor-focused cultural context, academic resources, Youtube clips, book excerpts and other resources accompanying each lesson that you will be able to access for one year after the course completes. The Shift course focuses on the live experience, and while it does not explicitly include additional resources, includes some modest bonus resources to accompany the course.

Community/Peer Contact. The Ancestral Medicine course includes both a closed Facebook group as well as a private community forum and social media-type activity stream for course participants to connect and share experiences with each other (like Facebook but private and minus the Facebook part). The Shift course focuses on the live experience in the conferences (including 20-30 minute breakout groups moderated by ancestral healing practitioners) and also includes a private Facebook group.

Pathways for Questions and Direct Support. The Ancestral Medicine course offers a dedicated page to ask me (Daniel) questions via email, with the accumulative body of questions and answers included in the extensive FAQ page for the course. The eight live conference calls are also driven by participant questions. My assistant Seyta and I are both responsive to participant questions in this way and also directly. The weekly conference calls in the Shift Network course will include a limited time for questions and answers with me each week.

Number of Participants. In the first iteration of the Ancestral Medicine course, there were over 200 participants. The Shift Network course could have hundreds, and we’re unsure of the upper limit (likely more than the Ancestral Medicine Course).

Cost and Scholarships. The Ancestral Medicine course is $400 for the full 5-month course (with an early registration special for $350 until Sept. 30!) or $225 for Part One (10 weeks) with the option to add Part Two later at $225. There are some scholarships for Indigenous and African participants, LGBTQ folks, those serving historically marginalized populations, and most anyone with a good attitude as capitalism sucks for lots of people and I care deeply about all this and want to keep it accessible. We are also inviting participants from first Ancestral Medicine course to re-enroll for the group experience at only $75, just contact us directly (you’ll still have access to recordings). The Shift course is $497 for the 12-week course, and there are also scholarships available for up to 50% off the course, at the discretion of the Shift scholarship team–who from what I can tell also has a flexible and generous stance.

Both courses are going to be seriously good, and the team and I are all in for both. Either is a fine choice; trust your sense on what learning approach will best serve you.

Shift Network Course: Link to Register for Free Talk and Details on the Course

Ancestral Medicine Course: Registration & Course Info

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