Upcoming Ancestral Healing Programs

Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensives

Ancestral lineage healing refers to a process of coming into direct relationship with one’s recent and more ancient blood ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing. Participants in these intensives seek to connect with supportive ancestral guides and partner with them to safely assist the dead still in need of assistance. This work is experiential and follows the healing method featured in Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. Daniel has guided maybe 130 multi-day ancestral healing trainings since 2005, and as of 2018 he has trained some of the amazing practitioners in taking the lead with these intensives. For details on lineage healing intensives see: Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensives or the events calendar.

Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training 

This training emphasizes learning to guide others through the ancestral lineage repair method featured in Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing as well as how to guide basic group ancestor ritual and to engage skillfully with culturally healing. This mentorship is a major focus of my practice at this time. In 2019 we’ll take a moment to make sure all is well grounded with the first three cohorts and this emergent community before the fourth Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training begins in spring 2020 (application period now open).

Online Course in Foundations of Ritual

Ritual is both art and discipline, cultivation of personal intuition and renewal of ancestral knowledge, instinctual and learnable. The styles and approaches to ritual are as diverse as people, human and otherwise, and the only ‘wrong’ ways to approach may be those that become untethered from love, wisdom, and relationality. In the spirit of kind, inclusive, and non-dogmatic learning, this course is for anyone seeking to strengthen their foundational skills in ritual arts. The eight-week course features 8 weekly pre-recorded lessons with additional resources, and 8 accompanying live conference calls. Topics will include relational etiquette, protection, invocation, trance, prayer, offering practice, and a dozen other elements found in many approaches to ritual arts. Participants can expect to learn skills they can apply in their everyday devotions as well as one flexible framework with which to think and share about their experiences and approach to the sacred. For more info see Foundations of Ritual Online Course.

Toronto May 2019, Ancestral Medicine

Online Course in Practical Animism

Animism gets at what people often mean when expressing a draw to indigenous traditions or shamanism but does so in ways that avoid some pitfalls of those terms. Some kinds of people animists might relate with include: plants, animals, fungi, mountains, metals, fire, bodies of water, spirits of wind and weather, deities, human ancestors, star people, and others we don’t have words for in English. In this in-depth online course participants will receive unlimited access to the 14 instructional course videos (about 30min per lesson), 14 additional live conferences, access to supporter-led small group break-outs during the live sessions, option to download accompanying audio files, opportunity to engage in course participant discussion space, invitation during course to ask Dr. Foor directly for support with the material, and ongoing access to accompanying readings. For details on the May – September 2019 course see Practical Animism Online Course.

Online Course in Ancestral Lineage Healing

This in-depth online course emphasizes the ancestral lineage repair method featured in Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing and closely follows the in-person ancestral healing trainings led by Dr. Foor from 2005 to present. Participants will receive unlimited access to the 14 instructional course videos (about 30min per lesson), option to download accompanying audio files, opportunity to engage in course participant discussion space, invitation during course to ask Dr. Foor directly for support with the material, and ongoing access to accompanying readings. For details and to register for the December 2019 – April 2020 course please see Ancestral Lineage Healing Online Course.

Past Offerings

Grief as Sacred Practice

Heart pain, longing, and loss are inevitable, yet modern American folk often feel intimidated and ill-equipped to navigate the transformative potency of grief. We’ll discuss ways diverse cultures weave ritual, grieving, and heart-centered community and talk about grieving as one strategy for mending cracks in the larger vessel of our humanity and holy Earth.

This sacred tending takes place in supportive community with ritual precautions to honor the potency and energetic reality of emotional pain. Ritual allows for participants to fully contact the heart of their experience, express from this place, and move through the full cycle into cleansing and return. When human losses or emotional tending are not the catalyst for this work, grief rituals can also be effective when responding to drought, welcoming back rain, or near the site of historic desecrations.

Ancestral Dedication Ceremony

This is an opportunity to make life-long commitments to include family and ancestral healing as one part of your path and approach to spirit. Ideally at least one person in any family works in an ongoing way to insure that relationships stay healthy between the ancestors/descendants and living family here on Earth. This may include assisting lineage ancestors who are not yet well in spirit, helping family to join the well ancestors upon death, cleaning up harmful intergenerational legacies, activating ancestral blessings, and encouraging the health and vitality of the living.

This commitment ceremony is appropriate for folks with enough experience to know roughly what’s entailed in making a long-term commitment to your ancestors. Participants will spend at least a few hours of preparation crafting vows to your ancestors that you will make during the ritual (with community as witness).

Spiritual Protection and Navigating Funky Energies

The unseen overlaps and mirrors this visible world. Just as not everything here on Earth is love and light, there are real dangers in the realm of spirit. And because we don’t live in a inherently fair universe or society, these troubles sometime arrive uninvited at the doorstep of honest and kind people.

Participants will learn skills to temper the energetic impact of more common forms of human hostility (e.g., fear, anger, and jealousy) and about the potential impact of more complex spiritual problems (e.g., funky spirits, harmful magic, actual curses). We’ll discuss how to distinguish these challenges from personal fear and anxiety and explore the impact of underlying beliefs about safety, fairness, and the realm of spirit. Prior work with guides and teachers in spirit is useful context, as we’ll invite their perspective and engagement in the process of increasing discernment and safety.

Foundations of Dreamwork

Dreams cut across established traditions and cultural difference in ways that are deeply intimate and magical. Dream practice doesn’t require extra hours in the day and once you have the skills in place, you’re positioned for a lifetime of nourishment from the Dreaming. Also, dreams don’t require buy-in to any human system or dogma; they are as ancient as consciousness itself. In this way, dreams are an intimate and reliable source of guidance and natural access point to spirit work for folks wary of organized traditions.

Participants in this day training will learn skills for enhanced dream recall and ways to recognize and work skillfully with different types of dreams. Teachings will draw on both indigenous, earth-honoring perspectives as well as Western psychological wisdom (especially Jungian/depth psychology).

Ancestral Healing in Jewish Traditions

When rooted in the traditions of our blood lineages, practices of ancestor reverence and ritual can also bring about family and cultural healing. Jewish tradition is ripe with practices of ancestor reverence, and offerings in this series will draw on practices based in the Hebrew Bible, rabbinic and mystic teachings, and Jewish lore across time and place. We welcome participants across the spectrum of Jewish experience, including those new to Jewish practice, new to ancestor work, or with a tough experience of family.

The three-day ancestral healing intensive held Sept 29-Oct 1, 2016 in Berkeley, CA was a sweet success, thanks to all who participated. All offerings in this series were co-led with Taya Shere of Kohenet Hebrew Priestess Institute. For more info on Taya’s work see www.holytaya.com and www.kohenet.com.

Remembering and Living Your Personal Destiny

One reason people of diverse backgrounds are increasingly called to relational, earth-honoring ways (indigenous traditions, shamanism, paganism, animism) is that these older and returning ways tend to deeply respect sacred difference. We each come to Earth with distinct gifts, affinities, and unique potential and destiny to (hopefully) fulfill. Participants in this heart-centered day training will gain some clarity about personal destiny and sacred gifts, learn ways to align daily practice w/ soul-level calling, and explore the benefits of letting others be themselves.

Focus will be increasing vocabulary for the archetypes and unseen world and understanding how to apply this understanding to views of self and others. For more context see blog post: Taboo and Sacred Difference.


“Daniel stepped into my life at a pivotal time, and I feel lucky to learn from him a life changing, heart-centered approach of relating to my ancestors. His knowledge and grounding approach provided me with a sense of safety and assurance when addressing the lineages which needed elevation and repair. I’ve been able to develop relationships with ancestors I thought I would not be able to forgive. The results have been profound in my life and that of my family! He is present through the process of healing, his humor soothes the heart, his authenticity provides a sacred space to do the work, and his humble way makes him rare among teachers. I feel blessed to consider him a mentor and friend.” Shannon, Healer, Teacher, Spiritual Counselor

“Before working with Daniel, I felt a sense of disconnect and confusion about my ancestors, and it was affecting how I handled my relationships with living family. Work with Daniel helped me understand the origin of various fears and blocks, and within a short time I was able to make significant changes and move forward toward greater happiness. I’ve benefited greatly from Daniel’s diverse and deep knowledge, his heart-felt presence and integrity, his way of listening and trust in intuition, his humble connection with spirit, and his gift of facilitating groups and guiding others. Daniel has changed the way I see the world, my family lines, and the way I view and relate with the earth. I highly highly recommend him as a teacher, guide, facilitator, conference speaker, leader, expert and friend.” -Elaine, Writer & Marketing Coach

“I met Daniel at an event on working with ancestors. I noticed that his style of communicating put folks at ease and his straight-forward and humorous responses to questions encouraged people to engage. By the end of the talk, I decided I would take his class on ancestral healing, and I’ve not regretted it. After attending four of his trainings, I have found his approach to working with the beloved dead to be a blend of common sense, humor, and hard work. He holds the position of ceremonial leader with quiet strength and humor, keeping the flow of energy steady and directing folk throughout the ceremony. Daniel consistently meets people where they are at, whether they are beginners on their spiritual path or well-seasoned travelers in the ways of spiritual practices.” -Gaelan, Educator & Ritualist