Video & Interviews

Ancestor Reverence and Ritual Intro with Live Mandarin Translation (March 2021). Daniel presents some introductory teaching on ancestors and ritual for the TUNAN Spirituality Association based in Beijing, live translation by Francis.

Reflections on Pandemic Year One (February 2021). Daniel and microbiologist Dr. Siv Watkins continue their conversation about the global plague from one year in. (Siv’s video resumes after 1:25.)

Virus Respect, COVID-19, and Tips for Not Dying (August 2020). Daniel chats with microbiologist Dr. Siv Watkins on a range of topics related to viruses, the pandemic, animism, death, and much more.

Obaluaye: Yoruba Deity of Infectious Disease (April, 2020). A conversation on Obaluaye, the Yoruba orisha/deity of infectious disease, with senior priest and teacher Oloye Aikulola. West African Ifa/Orisha lineages of practice are emphasized with respect given to all branches of Yoruba tradition.

Love, Pandemics, and Earth ~ a COVID-19 Online Meetup with Dr. Daniel Foor (March, 2020). Public, community call with Daniel about disease spirits, grieving, humility, interconnectedness, fear, mortality, love, and how to avoid fatally hazardous new age thinking.

Talking Nordic Animism with Rune Hjarnø Rasmussen (July, 2019). Daniel and Rune, a scholar of Nordic Animism and Afro-Brazilian religion, have a good chat about animism within the context of Nordic traditions.

Microanimism: Celebrating our Relationships with the Smalls (March, 2019). Daniel and environmental biologist Siobhan Watkins ( discuss the microbial world within an animist framework.

Conversation with scholar and former Catholic nun Lindsay Sudeikis (March, 2019). Daniel interviews Lindsay Sudeikis ( about the Catholic mystical tradition and the ancestors.

Conversation with Hawaiian Wisdom Keeper Kumu Ramsay Taum (February, 2019). Daniel interviews Kumu Ramsay ( about Hawaiian traditions and culture.

Decolonizing the Dead (March 2018). Live teaching event in North Carolina with Daniel and Dr. Bayo Akomolafe. More on Bayo Akomolafe’s work here:

Interview on Cultural and Ancestral Healing (January, 2018). Depth psychologist Brandy Vanderheiden and Daniel talk about ancestors, intergenerational trauma, cultural healing and talking to plants.

Ancestral Healing: Insights on Animism & Shamanism—Daniel Foor with Bonnie Bright PhD (October, 2017). Interview with Daniel Foor and Dr. Bonnie Bright for the Depth Psychology Alliance.

Voices of the Earth. Interview (from so long ago, like 2013) with Daniel from the former non-profit organization he founded, Earth Medicine Alliance, sponsor of the Voices of the Earth project. Additional playlists here feature this series of interviews with diverse Earth-tending elders.