Session Scheduling

I’m only available for sessions with mentees and practitioners from the first three cohorts in ancestral healing (2016-18), and as a result, this page on scheduling sessions is no longer public.

For ancestral healing mentees, if you’re still in the certification phase of the work, that’s the payment arrangement. If you’re already certified or you’re not yet certified but have completed the required hours through that agreement and still would benefit from a session, in either of those cases, my hourly rates are $150/hour. Please just talk with me if you need flexibility as the work takes precedent.

Otherwise, the link below for scheduling should be easy to use and clear. If you’re not able to find a time that work, please just email me some times that can work for you:

Schedule Appointment

Please Note: Although I’m a licensed therapist (MFC #46692) with a Ph.D. in psychology, the work I offer is not psychotherapy. I’m not just saying that for liability; the work actually is a bit different. Respect to therapists. Respect to ritualists.

For online payments: