Continuing Education & Renewal Process 2024

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Welcome to the every-two-years Continuing Education and Renewal for the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network. The previously annual “opt-in” has been combined with this every-two-years Continuing Education requirement. All are addressed in this form and they occur in the years of 2024, 2026, 2028, etc.

In order to maintain your certification (or trainee status if you’re not yet certified) and the benefits of membership in the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network, all practitioners and trainees must engage in either Continuing Education (for practitioners) or a Renewal of Trainee Status (for those not yet certified/practitioners-in-training) every two years.

This every-two-years process includes filling out a brief questionnaire that helps us to better understand the roles the practices are playing in your life. This is also an opportunity to offer feedback or make suggestions for how the organization can best serve you as a member.

For practitioners, the requirement entails ten hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and for trainees (those not yet certified) your Renewal of Trainee Status entails five hours (details below). Completing this form to document those requirements and fill out the accompanying questionnaire can be as brief as 10-15 minutes or longer if you engage in greater depth.

Before detailing requirements, please take a moment to make sure you’re aware of the various benefits that accompany Practitioner Network membership. Our intent is that the Network be personally and professionally enriching, and toward this end, free membership includes:

General Requirements for Network Membership

Our team has considered whether to charge a membership fee, and we remain convinced that we would rather foster a network of practitioners who are simply glad to be a part of an international team and remain committed to ongoing growth and learning. That said, we do request a basic spirit of honoring and goodwill and a commitment to personal growth and learning in exchange for free membership. In practice this means practitioners (those who are certified) and trainees (a.k.a. practitioners-in-training) must:

To the heart of the matter with Continuing Education, the every-other-year “requirement for ongoing Network membership” is:

Practitioners are required to complete ten Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and Trainees complete a five-hour Renewal of Trainee Status (RTS). Any approved continuing education that occurs in the two-year period from Jan 1, 2023 until Dec 31, 2024 can apply toward these requirements. For trainees, the RTS includes completing one hour (or longer) ancestral healing/check-in session with any certified practitioner in the AM Network along with a basic reflection on that personal session in your renewal form.

These requirements are due on Dec 31, 2024 for all practitioners and trainees in the first six cohorts (2016-2023). If you are a trainee from one of those cohorts and anticipate completing your certification in 2024, you can either opt for the 5-hour RTS process if you submit these requirements before your certification, or alternatively you can complete the ten CEU hours at any point afterward.

CE Offerings that can apply toward requirements include teachings, trainings, and/or mentorship in:

If cost is a barrier to fulfilling this requirement, let us know as we’re committed to the process being accessible and useful. In general the time spent doing any of the things listed above counts 1:1, meaning that if you spent an hour doing that then you can count it for one of your CE required hours. For questions on if what you have in mind will count toward your continuing education, please email

We humbly ask that you proactively take care of the relevant requirements as we are a small team that takes no delight in pestering Network members. That said, if the Dec 31, 2024 deadline passes and, after repeated efforts, we are still unable to reach you, we will, after a one-month grace period, move the status of your certification to inactive (starting Feb 1, 2025). After another five months (Jul 1, 2025), if outstanding requirements are still not remedied, you will be removed from the Network.

You’re welcome to view the form below (certain fields only open once you reply); however, because your results are not saved, it’s best to complete everything all at once you have completed your CE hours and, if applicable (for trainees), your personal ancestral session. You will need to click the link to the form itself and fill it in to submit your renewal. When you have submitted your form, expect an auto-reply followed by a more personalized acknowledgement (typically in 2-3 weeks) that your submission has been approved upon review.

Combined Continuing Education & Renewal of Trainee Status Form

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