Practitioner Training Deposit &
Agreements for Admission

Ancestral Medicine requires a $400 deposit to hold your space in the 2021 Practitioner Training.

This fee is deducted from the total amount owed on the training, including those who apply for a scholarship, and must be paid by October 10th, 2021. 

If you feel that paying this deposit represents a financial hardship for you at this time, you can request a waiver by writing

$ 400

Sign the Agreements Form

Please read carefully the Practitioner Training Agreements and indicate your acceptance on this form.

Payment Plans for those Not Pursuing a Scholarship

If you are able to pay in full in a single payment, we are offering a courtesy discount of $500 ($6,600 reduced from $7,100).

All other payment options are for the $7,100 USD balance after the deposit. Payment plans are available without additional fees. By signing up for a payment plan, the first payment will be incurred. Each following monthly payment will be automatically charged via the payment method you choose here, and will be charged on the day of the month of the original payment.

Please select your preferred payment plan from the following options.

$ 6600
$ 1,183
34 USD
$ 788
89 USD
$ $591
67 USD
$ 394
45 USD

Cost Reduction for Accessibility

Ancestral Medicine strives to make our Practitioner Training financially accessible. This funding is limited and typically given first to applicants who are from our Region of Focus, BIPOC, LGBTQ, or speakers of other-than-English languages with intent to bring the work to those populations.

When requesting a cost reduction, please request the least amount possible to support space in the program for others who also need assistance. Please take into consideration that Ancestral Medicine can offer individualized payment plans up to 4 years / 48 months in duration (until Nov 2025). 

Our team read and will take into account anything you shared in your application with regards to finance and scholarship needs. Based on that information and what you share in this form, we will reply to you with a personal cost reduction offer in the next two weeks, likely sooner.

Cost Reduction Application Form