Ancestral Lineage Healing Intensives

About the Work. Ancestral lineage healing emphasizes learning to relate directly with one’s recent and more ancient blood ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing. Coming into direct relationship with your ancestors can help to transform intergenerational toxins, re-establish obscured blessings, improve relationships with the living, and encourage good health, self-esteem, and clarity of purpose.

This approach to ancestor reverence and ritual emphasizes ritual and psychological safety, participants’ ability to connect directly with their own wise and kind ancestors, and the intersection of personal healing with larger historical troubles. The work is experiential, rooted in an ethic of kindness, and welcoming to people of whatever religious/spiritual background (or lack thereof). For more on the overall approach see this link.

About the Intensive. Attendees can expect to learn new skills for safely navigating the relationship between the living and the dead, including ways to enjoy healthy connection with beloved family after their death. The intensive closely follows the first nine chapters of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing as participants are supported to seek connection with older ancestral guides and to partner with them to safely assist those among the more recent dead still in need of assistance.

During the three-day intensive we gather daily from 10am-5pm, and time is a blend of teaching, direct visioning and trance work, group dialogue, and other ancestor-focused ritual (e.g., offering practice, song, prayer). There are no prerequisites, however, prior experience with inner work and personal healing is helpful. Participants new to ancestor work, adoptees, and those with a tough experience of family warmly welcome.

Logistics and Registration. Cost for the three-days intensives varies slightly depending on location (see event pages) and is typically $450 USD total. Unless otherwise specified the work is not residential, for accessibility. Participants who travel for intensives are asked to arrange their own accommodations. There are spaces for scholarship/reduced payment and for spacing out timing of payment to keep the work accessible. If you need financial assistance to be able to join, please see our application for payment plans and partial scholarship spaces. If you would like to join us in keeping this work accessible or if you have enjoyed financial assistance previously and now wish to extend this gift to others, please consider a donation to our scholarship fund.

Since 2005 the founder of this approach to ancestral healing, Dr. Daniel Foor, has guided over 125 multi-day intensives. In recent years Daniel has begun training other practitioners to co-lead the intensives. Be assured that anyone doing so has Daniel’s full backing and brings their specifically excellent gifts and style to the work.

Upcoming Intensives

Registration is open for all trainings listed. Just be in touch with any questions (

If you have an interest in hosting an intensive in your area, please be in contact to share what you’re thinking. Daniel and others teachers are open to teaching outside North America and some bring different language fluencies.