Practitioner & Trainee Scholarship Application

The Professional Development Fund for Ancestral Healing Practitioners exists to resource this network of ancestral healing practitioners and trainees (currently 67 people from the four cycles of training).

Ancestral Medicine raises these funds primarily through donations at “check-out” when people register for online courses, and anyone may donate through the Professional Development Fund for Ancestral Healing Practitioners.

In keeping with our core values (e.g., anti-supremacist, accessible, international), funds are limited to practitioners and trainees who are BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and/or who bring ancestral healing practices to other-than-English speaking populations. In the final quarter of 2020, we distributed $6500 to eligible recipients in the network.

The fund has recharged somewhat in recent months, and we’re reopening an application period from mid-March 2021 until Summer Solstice (June 20, 2021). To be certain that all who would wish to apply are able to receive the same level of support, we are limiting application requests to $250 USD. If you apply, unless you indicate a preference to receive less, all approved requests will be for that amount.

We realize that many in our network, both in the U.S. and in the other eight other nations where practitioners are active, are suffering under the weight of the on-going pandemic (e.g., unemployment, death of loved ones, isolation). Provided you are currently offering or moving toward offering the practice of ancestral healing in service to others, in light of the current times we invite you to understand “professional development” to also include things like groceries, electricity, internet connection, and other essentials that are necessary for you to then be of service to others. You’re also still welcome to use the money for things like a nice new microphone or support with building a website.

Any personal information shared in this application will not go beyond the team that processes scholarship requests. When you complete the form you’ll receive an auto-reply and Marie will aim to get back to you within a few days. If more than a week has passed, please circle back with us. Thanks for your interest and don’t be hesitant to ask for what you need; our hope and intent is that many of you utilize this resource for your service in the world.

Scholarship Application