Ancestral Medicine Scholarship Fund

***October 2019 – October 2020 Focus on Supporting BIPOC trainees in the 2020 Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training***


From October 2019 through October 2020 we will direct 100% of donations to support BIPOC trainees in the 2020 Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training. We understand that ancestry is not the only factor in systemic disadvantage; however, this aspect of our work is explicitly focused on ancestral healing and we wish to proactively support those Black, Indigenous, and People of Color participants who also express an interest in this offer of financial assistance.

How Will the Money be Used? All contributions will be dedicated to the costs of food and lodging for BIPOC trainees for our two in-person retreats. Combined food and lodging costs for each week retreat for are approximately $405 per person per retreat. These are fixed costs beyond our ability as an organization to control, and they are separate from the tuition arrangements made between Ancestral Medicine and trainees for the training itself. Scholarship funds will be dispersed equally among all qualified participants who indicate they would like this form of support.

If scholarship proceeds exceed the $12,000 USD we estimate will cover food and lodging at both retreats for all BIPOC trainees, we will further disperse those funds to the same participants in the form of travel reimbursements as some will travel twice from Australia, South Africa, Singapore, Canada, etc.

Our Guarantee. Ancestral Medicine is not a non-profit and we’re not able to offer a tax deduction for donations. We do however give our commitment with the ancestors and Earth as witness that 100% of donations will directly support BIPOC trainees with fixed training costs that involve no profit for Ancestral Medicine.

We are committed to keeping all Ancestral Medicine offerings accessible to people of diverse backgrounds and financial means. We invite individuals and organizations to contribute to our scholarship fund at whatever level is possible. Even very modest contributions are great! We also invite those who have previously enjoyed financial assistance for online courses or in-person events to consider paying it forward with a contribution for others in need.


If you would like to apply to be a recipient of a scholarship, go here.