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Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training 2020

This six-month training in the ancestral lineage repair method developed by Daniel Foor, Ph.D. is for experienced ritualists who are psychologically well and already in relationship with their own ancestors. The work will closely follow the material in Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing.

People drawn to guide ancestral healing work for others may include psychotherapists, activists/community leaders, hospice/death midwives, priests of diverse traditions, and holistic healers. In addition to learning to guide ancestral lineage repair work in an individual context, participants will:

  • Engage in ancestor-focused prayer and invocation, altar tending, and offering practices
  • Learn basic skills for assisting the dying and recently deceased
  • Weave social and earth justice considerations into the practice of ancestral healing
  • Increase personal capacity to engage the ancestors through dreams and synchronicity
  • Receive support for working with ancestral curses, funky spirits, and other toxins
  • Enjoy individualized support for bringing out your personal ancestral calling

Graduates of the practitioner training then pursue certification in this approach to ancestral lineage healing (see details below). The pace of the post-training certification process may vary from person to person.

Training Structure

We’ll begin and end with a residential retreat (six nights, five full days, two partial days at the start and end). Full on-site participation is required to complete the training. Retreat dates are:

  • Monday, March 30th- Sunday, April 5th, 2020
  • Monday, October 12th – Sunday, October 18th 2020

The first retreat will cover the five stages of the lineage repair cycle (Chapters Five-Nine of the book) with considerable time devoted to supervised small-group exchanges. The second retreat will deepen with foundational skills, explore social and earth justice concerns as they relate to the ancestors, and include other aspects of ancestor reverence (e.g., tough cases and the limits of ancestral healing). Retreats will be guided by Daniel and staffed by trained practitioners from previous years.

Between retreats participants will engage in six monthly group video conferences (April – Sept), six individual hour-long mentorship sessions (three with Daniel and three with a senior practitioner of the work), and at least six (often considerably more) one-on-one ancestral healing exchanges with other trainees by phone, video conference, or in-person when circumstances permit.

After the second retreat….(certification phase)…


Participants are asked to all of the following criteria in place by the time of the first retreat:

  • Personal Wellness. Multi-year commitment to your personal healing and wellness (e.g., therapy, disciplined practices of some sort, care for personal relationships and integrity)
  • Ancestral Wellness. Ancestral wellness as evidenced by having healed (as needed) at least three of your four primary lineages with the personal support of a practitioner trained in this approach to the work
  • Historical and Cross-Cultural Awareness. Ideally you have a reasonable grasp on world history and/or fluency in more than one language. If neither are the case, you’ll be expected to increase your knowledge of diverse histories
  • Eco-Love and Literacy. Cultivated respect for the natural world as evidenced by amateur naturalist knowledge/eco-literacy, regular time in nature, and sustained love for the other-than-humans
  • Ritual Leadership Skills. An already established practice in healing arts, ritual, or some form of public leadership such that you can readily apply skills acquired through this training
  • Cultural Awareness. Non-rigid, heart-aware understanding of cultural healing including literacy around histories of colonization, racism, sexism, and other oppressions as they intersect work with the ancestors and Earth
  • Ability to Learn. Ability, despite being fabulous, to actually be a student again and to work within the parameters of a respectful and kind student-teacher relationship with me (Daniel)
  • Completion of Ancestral Healing Online Course. This will be offered Dec 2018-April 2019 and the same months 2019-20 and is one important way for us to establish common working language for ancestor focused ritual.
  • Calling to Service. A genuine calling that you’ve already embraced to guide community ritual for others combined with enough personal integration to be of useful service to others

Number of applications are likely to exceed the 28 available spaces. Please take the criteria seriously if you want to be considered and don’t assume you’ll be accepted just because we know each other. If you are shaky in one category or another, just speak to that in the application (see below).

Training Details and Cost

Total cost for the six-month practitioner training as well as the post-training supervision period is XYZ. This includes:

  • Tuition for two six-day residential retreats. These are Monday evening until Sunday morning for each gathering. The location is…
  • Six personal hour-long mentorship sessions (monthly). Three will be with Dr. Foor and three will be with a senior practitioner well-suited to help you develop ritual facilitation skills. This practitioner and Dr. Foor will actively collaborate in your mentorship.
  • Six monthly 90-minute group video conferences. These…
  • Community…
  • Access…
  • Manual…
  • Post-Training Supervision…

This cost does not include the food and lodging for retreats as costs are variable for this based on individual needs. Ancestral Medicine is

Participants are asked to arrive for a 7pm-9pm evening session on the Tuesday evening before each retreat (May 8th and Oct 2nd) and to stay through the morning session 9-11am the following Sunday (May 13th and Oct 7th). Unless you’re driving, most will fly into Asheville Regional Airport (AVL) and take a group shuttle to and from the retreat center. The Blue Ridge Mountains are amazing in the spring and fall, and the residential setting provides an opportunity to dive deep both with the work and with a conscious community of fellow learners and ritualists.

Application and Scholarships

Participation in the training begins with submitting a completed application (new application link coming soon). Spaces are limited, and we anticipate several times the number of applicants as there are spaces. Accepted applicants will be invited to register, see application for details.

Some partial scholarships are available for applicants in need. To apply, please submit both the training application and the scholarship application (scholarship link here). Applicants of other-than-European ancestries, diverse gender expressions, geographic diversity to reach new populations, various cultural proficiencies, and/or with a commitment to serving populations who may not otherwise enjoy access to ancestral healing work will be given some preference.

Permissions and Certification

When the training completes in October of 2018, graduates enter into the phase of working toward certification. Requirements consist of documenting 40 post-training ancestral healing sessions (not with others in the training and at least 10 of which for low-income folks), completing nine professional supervision sessions with Dr. Foor during this period (including three observation sessions), and conducting a case study in ancestral healing (nothing super involved on that). There is no timeline for completing the 40 sessions, and you can charge whatever you want (within reason) for sessions during the certification phase (and beyond).

I charge $135/hour for each of the nine supervision sessions during the certification phase, so that’s $1,215 total. If you charge an average of $75 per session for your 40 sessions during this certification phase, you would make $3,000. My intent is to see trainees prosper while rendering effective service and also to honor my own time and energy in the process.

Certification includes the opportunity be part of an emergent collegial association of ancestral healing practitioners. All practitioners also agree to the Ancestral Healing Practitioner Code of Ethics. For a listing of practitioners (currently all graduates of the first training cohort) who have completed their certification requirements, please see the Practitioner Directory.