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A co-led teaching and ritual by Tuomas Rounakari and Daniel Foor

By donation (suggested 15 € and no one turned away)

Everyone has loving and wise ancestors, and by reaching out for their support we access tremendous vitality for personal, family, and cultural healing. In addition to ancestors of blood and body, we are also connected to the dead through the lands we visit and call home. They speak both directly and also through the elder gods whose bodies are nature and our extended network of other-than-human relations.

In this co-led teaching, participants will explore animist, earth-honoring etiquette for honoring ancestors of place. Our time will be a blend of teaching, discussion, and embodied ritual. This will include introducing one’s ancestors of body to the ancestors of place in what is now Helsinki. Teacher, ritualist, and violinist Tuomas Rounakari will bring wisdom and spirited sounds from his Karelian ancestors and depth training with diverse shamans, musicians, and healers. Daniel Foor will share one framework for respectfully approaching the ancestors who continue to speak through the Earth.

Daniel will also be leading a weekend intensive in ancestral healing Saturday-Sunday, Aug 17-18 in Helsinki (Event Page & FB Event), registration is still open. The evening before he will guide a ceremony to honor the waters (Gulf of Finland) in Vuosaari on Friday, August 16th (Event Page & FB Event).

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