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€ 280 with some sliding scale spaces

Join Dr. Daniel Foor in Helsinki for this ancestral healing weekend.

About the Work. Ancestral lineage healing emphasizes learning to relate directly with one’s recent and more ancient blood ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing. Coming into direct relationship with your ancestors can help to transform intergenerational toxins, re-establish obscured blessings, improve relationships with the living, and encourage good health, self-esteem, and clarity of purpose. This approach to ancestor reverence and ritual emphasizes psychological and ritual safety, participants’ ability to connect directly with their own wise and kind ancestors, and the intersection of personal healing with larger historical troubles.

This approach is experiential, rooted in an ethic of kindness, and welcoming to people of diverse ancestries and any religious/spiritual background (or lack thereof). The work is open to all, and is explicitly rooted in a feminist, decolonizing, anti-racist, LGBTQI-friendly, class-aware, earth-honoring ethic without being overly politicized in ways that are at odds with depth ritual work. We’re striving to be culturally ahead of the curve and to bring a heart-connected, non-dogmatic spirit to meet each participant’s unique life experiences and ancestral storylines. For more on the approach see this link.

About the Weekend. We will gather Saturday and Sunday from 10:00-18:00 with a lunch break, and time is a blend of teaching, direct visioning and trance work (often with drumming), group dialogue, and other elements of ancestor-focused ritual (e.g., offering practice, song, prayer). There are no prerequisites, however, prior experience with ritual and personal healing are helpful. Attendees can expect to learn skills for navigating the relationship between the living and the dead, including ways to enjoy healthy connection with beloved family after their death. The intensive closely follows the first nine chapters of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing as participants connect and partner with ancestral guides to support any among the dead still in need of assistance.

Event leaders are committed to guiding this work in ways that are psychologically grounded, ritually safe, and culturally mindful. Those new to ancestor work, adoptees, and folks with a tough experience of family are all warmly welcome. Participants work directly with their own lineage ancestors but are not expected to hold space for others beyond showing up in a mindful way during group shares; attendees work alongside one another but very much in their own space and personal process. Participants can expect an in-depth experience and should be personally well resourced.

Participants will learn life-long skills for personally accessing ancestral support; however, this weekend is not a training in how to guide this work. For that, see the practitioner training. The material in this weekend will be largely the same as what is usually covered elsewhere in the longer three-day format.

The weekend will be taught in English. If needed, we may be able to arrange for whisper translation and assistance with questions for primarily Finnish-speaking participants. Spaces are are limited. Preregistration and full attendance (10:00-18:00 each day) is requested (see below). The venue is wheelchair accessible.


The regular cost for this weekend intensive is € 280. We have reserved a third of spaces for scholarship rates. These are on a first-come, first-served basis and especially designated for disadvantaged groups. Please select the option that best fits your needs. Installment plans are available for each option using PayPal or credit card.

Register for the standard rate of € 280 (or 3 payments of € 98) if you have the resources and you want to keep the work open.


Click here for 3 monthly payments of € 98

There are several spaces reserved at € 180 (or 3 payments of € 62). Choose this if you are of historically or currently persecuted ancestry/status in Finland (e.g., Saami peoples, recent immigrants, LGBTQI folks) and you need the cost reduction to join.


Click here for 3 monthly payments of € 62

Ancestral Medicine Terms & Conditions

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