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Heart break, longing, and loss are inevitable, yet modern American folk often feel intimidated and ill-equipped to navigate the transformative potency of grief. In this day teaching and ritual we’ll discuss ways that diverse cultures weave ritual and grieving in heart-centered community and we’ll talk about grieving as one strategy for mending cracks in the larger vessel of our humanity.

After some teaching and discussion, we’ll drop more into ritual space to work with the potency and energetic reality of emotional pain. No prior experience with ritual or community grieving needed. Nobody will be pressured to cry or anything awkward like that. Expect to learn new skills for heart-tending on your own. This will also be a time to beg the ancestors and living Earth for forgiveness for just how bad we’re mucking it up.

All are welcome. Cost for the day is $100 and, as always, there’s flexibility around exchange to keep everything accessible, just be in touch. Paypal to: ancestralmedicine@gmail.com to register. Location of gathering will be shared upon confirmation. Ritual and teaching will be guided by Dr. Daniel Foor, for more on my approach to the work see: ancestralmedicine.org.