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Many Americans are raised in a cultural matrix strongly influenced by scientific materialism, uninspired forms of Christianity, and judgmental atheism. These views of the world lack a developed vocabulary for the sacred, and simply rejecting any given approach doesn’t address the underlying archetypal deficiency.
In contrast, many traditions now growing in popularity in the United States bring with them developed maps for diverse expressions of the sacred. A few examples include Pagan paths (e.g., Egyptian, Norse, Celtic), West African and Diaspora paths (e.g., Ifá/Òrìṣà, Vodun), South Asian lineages, and Vajrayana Buddhism. Many people also expand their archetypal vocabulary through divination and personality-typing systems like Tarot, astrology, the Enneagram, and I Ching and through a close study of the natural world.
Join us for an evening teaching and discussion on the importance of developing a rich vocabulary for the sacred. We’ll discuss ways this type of knowledge can make us more wise and kind rather than becoming annoying religious zealots, and how all this relates to the topic of personal destiny and calling. We’ll also explore the role our own ancestors can play in this cultural repair.
Sekhet-Maat Lodge has open hours from 6:30 until class starts at 7:30pm, so feel free to mingle ahead of time. Class is free and donations are warmly welcome and appreciated.  For details on the space, location, etc. see: sekhetmaat.com/main/calendar