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Animism is a way of thinking, speaking, and relating with other people (both human and other-than-human) that emphasize relationships, community, and interdependence. Animist values are what some people think of when they think of Indigenous wisdom/traditions, shamanism, earth-honoring spirituality, Paganism, or whatever you like to call your version of dirt-worshipping Earth devotion. Primitive skills/rewilding organizations like Firefly and Wild Abundance are implicitly if not explicitly valuing these older relational ways of being by virtue of prioritizing local, ecologically mindful ways of relating with the rest of life.

At the same time as folks are learning to brain tan and grow awesome food, we’re also in a cultural healing moment where centuries of patriarchy, misogyny, and sexual violence are breaking through the collective denial bubble with the possibility of greater awareness, healing and cultural change. Primitive skills folks, progressive-minded Asheville transplants, grouchy luddites, and/or anarchist farmers are not immune to this necessary reckoning; to believe so is to perpetuate the denial and trouble and to fail to encourage a safe and nurturing community including for our children.

In this interactive teach-in, we’ll explore ways in which animist earth-honoring wisdoms bring relevant skills and awareness to the imperative to become personally and communally skillful around topics of boundaries and consent. We’ll explore how the ways in which we navigate consent and boundaries in one aspect of life are likely to inform others. We’ll open a discussion about what animist-informed processes of accountability could look like (beyond blowing people up on social media). There will be plenty of time for kind, connective dialogue around tricky, charged topics and we’ll also enjoy some experiential safety-minded boundary practice.

Registration through Firefly Gathering.