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This two-hour ritual teaching and discussion is specifically for students of Anna Dorian’s groups whale and dolphin. To register see the right sidebar on this page. If the $50 suggested contribution is a hardship, please contribute at a level that still allows for you to join by sending a Paypal directly to: daniel@ancestralmedicine.org (please send using ‘friends and family’ and indicate you’re in the training with Anna).

Anna tells me you all have been reading the book, so that’s great! If it’s helpful to hear a bit about some of the cultural healing elements of the ancestral work that aren’t emphasized in the book, here’s a recent interview (there are others on the bottom left of the homepage of my site if useful). Because you all have been steeping in the work, my preference is to follow your lead and questions in our time together, so please come prepared to ask about what’s really alive for you in your practice. If we spend most of our time in dynamic Q&A/discussion, that’s great!

And insofar as we’ll hone in on one or two facets of the overall terrain of ancestor reverence and ritual, I’d like to explore 1)working with ancestral blessings and burdens (Chapter Seven in the book) including what to do if you’re down lineage from some really heavy kinds of things and 2)implications of ancestral healing work for working with cultural troubles (e.g., sexism, racism, colonialism). We’ll also do a bit of dropped in practice/ancestral engagement in our shared time.

Again, registration is through this page and I’ll coordinate with Anna about reminders on the call time and any basic ways to prepare, but mostly it’ll be about showing up with what’s alive in your practice. Thanks in advance for this opportunity to be of support in your training!