Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training:

Post Certification Feedback

We value the experience of every person who has participated in the Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training. We seek to provide a meaningful and transformative experience that prepares you to guide ancestor-focused ritual care for those you serve.

With this in mind, we invite honest feedback about what we’re getting right and what we can improve upon for future cohorts. Please don’t feel you need to reply to all the question below; they are included as prompts for reflection. Likewise, if there are concerns you wish to speak to that are not reflected in the questions, just speak to those. Since this form is anonymous, if you have specific concerns that need personalized attention, please reach out to Shannon, Daniel, or AM staff directly as we won’t know who to reply to on the feedback here. Thanks so much for your engagement!
Was the application and admissions process clear? Were the goals and objectives of the training clearly stated before you began? Were communications from the Ancestral Medicine team clear and professional? Any surprises or unexpected “snags” pre-training for you? Did scholarship support impact in any way your experience of the start of the training? Anything else good to note about this phase?
Is there anything about how technology was used during the training that you feel could be improved upon? Did you experience any challenge using GDrive documents/videos, the internal connection space, and Zoom meetings for content delivery?
Did you feel well met by online retreats? Did the format of small breakout groups with practitioner/supporters work for you? How about the balance of teaching, experiential practice, and group dialogue? Did the overall content of the training meet your expectations? To what degree do you feel the goal was met to give care and presence to cultural layers/aspects of ancestral healing? How were the monthly 90-min required teachings for you? Did you also find the optional gatherings to be valuable? Anything else that stands out from the training process itself?
Do you feel the amount of supervision and the number of required sessions were too little, too much or about right? Were there supervisors who were especially helpful or unhelpful? Did you find the live observations useful for your training? Regular supervision sessions? Group supervision? How did the balance of these seem in the requirements? Overall how well do you feel Ancestral Medicine did as a team with striking the balance of being supportive without being micro-managers or pushy during this phase of the training? Anything that could be improved upon?
Overall how well did you feel seen, met, and usefully supported by Daniel, the mentors, and the supervisors? Is there any feedback that stands out for any of them in particular? Do you feel the overall mentorship team was professional, reliable, and able to embody the teachings well? Any other feedback?
How do you feel about the amount of communication from AM Staff? Too little? Too much? Just about right? Anything about your interactions with AM staff on any level that stands out as especially helpful or unhelpful? Have you found interactions with staff to be professional? How has your experience been of others in the AM network? Anything helpful to share about that?
If you could, what would you change about the training’s design? How do you feel that the Practitioner Manual could be improved upon? Would you recommend this training to a friend or colleague? Why or why not? Anything you’d like to share about your perception of the training now compared to when you applied? If you had it to do over...
How did you learn about this training program?