2022 Practitioner & Trainee Renewal

All practitioners and trainees in the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network are required to participate in an annual survey and opt-in/renewal process. Completing this form can be as brief as 5-10 minutes or longer if you chose to engage at depth. Your replies help Ancestral Medicine staff best meet the needs of the growing Network. We request that you reply no later than December 31st, 2022.

Benefits of network membership include:

  • Newsletter with invitation to ongoing education, gatherings, and resources
  • Access the growing archive of past Network teachings 
  • Opportunities for occasional paid supporter roles through AM online courses
  • Listing in the practitioner directory upon certification at no cost
  • Inclusion in a private Network discussion and affinity spaces
  • Welcome at quarterly meeting to discuss the growth of the professional network 
  • Access to an international, multi-cultural collegial network of ritualists and healers

Requirements for network membership:

  • Adherence to the Ancestral Healing Practitioner Code of Ethics
  • Adherence to the policies in the Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training Manual 
  • Adherence to the requirements of the training process leading to certification 
  • Willingness to engage directly to resolve any concerns with the above
  • Care, respect, and goodwill toward one’s colleagues in the professional network

As usual we will include this form in the Practitioner Network newsletter in the months leading up to the Dec 31st deadline. Anyone we haven’t heard from by Dec 31st, 2022 will receive a direct email reminder at any emails we have on record for you. If we still don’t hear back from you after the month grace period (until Jan 31, 2023), your status will be shifted to Inactive (see manual page 46-47 for details). After six months at Inactive status if you have still not replied, you will be removed from the Network.

The questions on the form are only for information gathering. All policies are articulated in the training manual and available to all in the network. If anything about this process or form is unclear, just ask (info@ancestralmedicine.org). Thanks!