Ancestral Lineage Healing Online Course

with Dr. Daniel Foor

Nov 28, 2019 – Mar 16, 2020



Ancestral lineage healing refers to a process of coming into direct relationship with one’s recent and more ancient blood ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing. This course provides a through and effective step-by-step approach to working with your specific lineage ancestors for this healing intention. There’s no need for a spiritual calling, specific belief system, or prior experience with the ancestors to participate.

The course is led by Daniel Foor, PhD along with experienced supporters. Material includes and expands upon the lineage healing method featured in the book Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family HealingThe approach is kind, non-dogmatic, and explicitly rooted in a feminist, anti-racist, LGBTQI-friendly, decolonizing, class-aware, earth-honoring ethic without being overly politicized in ways that dampen the spirit of depth ritual work. Lessons emphasize psychological and energetic safety as well as participants’ ability to relate directly and beneficially with their own ancestors. Our team is responsive and we seek to effectively honor each participant’s unique life experiences and ancestral storylines. 

Although this course provides one solid intellectual framework for ancestral engagement, the focus is experiential. This offering is intended to support personal and family healing through ancestral reconnection and is not a training to guide others in this work.

“In this time in history when so many of us are disconnected from our ancestral roots, I have found this course to be immensely valuable. Daniel brings a depth and breadth of experiential and academic expertise to the work and integrates the material in a way that is accessible, practical and transformational. The structure of the class is very clear and methodical, yet there is a lot of flexibility  to customize it for the appropriate pace and needs of the individual student.” ~ Past Participant



Nov 28, 2019 – Jan 20, 2020


Foundations of Ancestor Reverence and Ritual

  • Overview of animist traditions and worldview
  • Cross-cultural basis for ancestor reverence
  • Distinguishing ancestors from ghosts
  • Five steps of the lineage healing work
  • Additional resources on ancestor reverence and ritual