Educational & Ritual Contractor and Volunteer Agreements with Ancestral Medicine

Ancestral Medicine (AM) may at times invite Ancestral Healing Practitioners and Trainees or those outside the AM Network to offer educational and/or ritual support as paid contractors (ERCs) or to offer volunteer services.

The following agreements apply to anyone that AM invites to serve as educational and/or ritual contractors or as volunteers. ERCs and volunteers are requested to read the following agreements and policies and complete this form at the outset of our collaboration. These agreements remain in effect unless/until AM makes substantive changes to the agreements.

ERC & Volunteer Service Agreement

Please indicate that you have reviewed the following recordings:

Please read and check your agreement to each of the following terms and conditions for paid or volunteer work:

Additional Policies for all ERCs and Volunteers

Remote Work(Required)
Ongoing Evaluation(Required)
Equal Opportunity(Required)
Date Signed(Required)