Practitioner Training
Cost Reduction Request

Ancestral Medicine strives to make our Ancestral Healing Practitioner Training (and all our offerings) financially accessible to people of diverse socio-economic means. An ancestrally and geographically varied network is at the heart of our ethos, we’ll do our best to make it work for you to join us.

In the 2024-25 training cycle, our overall area of focus is Decolonization, Indigeneity, and Belonging. Funding will primarily be extended to Indigenous peoples and speakers of other-than-English languages with intent to bring the work to those populations. To maintain the health of Ancestral Medicine, our scholarship funding is limited. When requesting a cost reduction, please consider an amount that both supports you and allows us to keep space in the program for others who also need assistance.

To keep this program healthy we are usually unable to offer cost reduction beyond 50% and please just let us know what you need. Please also take into consideration that we offer payment plans for up to 2 years / 24 months in duration, and if you’re able to pay in full within three months of registering, we’ll offer you $500 off the total cost. Based on the information you share in this form, we’ll reply to you with a personal cost reduction offer within the next few weeks.

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