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Skills for Sacred Fighting (Asheville, NC)

April 22 @ 10:00 am - 5:00 pm EDT

| $100

Like fungi and other animals, we human folk are heterotrophs, meaning that we kill others and eat their bodies to live. Indigenous and animist traditions worldwide recognize these other-than-humans (e.g., plants, animals, fungi) as kin and make sacred/conscious the necessary practice of killing and eating our family members. Facing this intimate cannibalism with an open heart is one of the prices of entry into an authentic earth-honoring life.

The sacred killing required to eat, enjoy shelter, travel, and engage with technology extends to navigating complex human relationships. Seeking the intimacy and benefits of healthy human relationships demands sacrifice and healthy boundaries. This includes conflict with immediate family and other loved ones.

Also, the current leadership of the United States government in 2017 has given clear expression to deeply rooted American toxins such as racism, sexism, religious bigotry, homophobia, and lack of regard for the many other-than-humans. This spasm of ignorance calls for sacred warriorship and proactive defense of all that is holy and possible in our longing for healthy culture. This response may be overtly political or take 101 other forms, but a bit of fight here and there is inevitable. And how we navigate conflict is absolutely part of the work, an aspect of sacred relationship and accountability.

We’ll spend the day in ritual space with a blend of teaching, dialogue, and direct visioning with the spirits. Participants can expect to our time to include:

  • Animist skills for fighting and killing without objectifying others
  • How to respond to actual dangers and ill-intent in the unseen/spirit realms
  • Boundary practices and the critical importance of healthy limits and saying “no”
  • Supportive re-evaluation of personal conditioning around conflict and confrontation
  • Strategies for sustainable activism without being an annoying, ineffective broken record
  • Direct connection with supportive ancestors or other guides to activate healthy warriorship

All welcome, no prior experience with ritual or fighting required. Cost is $100. To register, please send payment via Paypal to: ancestralmedicine@gmail.com. Talk with me if cost is a barrier to attendance. Spaces limited, pre-registration encouraged.