Practitioner and Trainee Event Proposal

This form is for practitioners and trainees to submit a proposal for an offering that is above and beyond the permissions included in the practitioner training (intro talks and monthly circles). This includes day-long immersions, online offerings that go beyond intro talks, and blended offerings where you weave ancestral medicine ritual process into other kinds of things (just sharing about the principles in something resembling the intro talk does not require prior approval). If you wish to teach this work, you need to initiate a dialogue with, seek permissions from, and, if invited, coordinate any relevant details with the emergent teachers council.

For further context on these distinctions see pages 32-37 of the manual. This proposal will be reviewed by the teaching council (Maris, Shauna, and Seyta) and Daniel. Do not automatically assume approval or announce offerings prior to hearing back. Feel welcome to follow up after four days if you haven’t heard from us.

If no, the ask is that you limit proposed offerings to either introductory talks (not more than 2 hours in duration) or monthly ancestor-focused circles. If you are not yet certified, this form may still be used for offerings that include weaving basic elements of ancestral teaching (nothing too involved) into other offerings.
(ok for it to be informal if it hasn't been formalized yet but give as much info/context as possible on what )