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Daniel’s Ancestral Healing class is far and away the best online course I have taken and I have done a few. It is not nearly as rigid and formulaic as some of the others that often seem to be kind of cookie cutter – just change the presenter. It was extensive and personalized with a tremendous amount of depth for those who wanted more of that stuff but that reading was certainly not required to get the healing work done. Just the healing of one lineage has made a difference for me and I look forward to working through others.


First I would like to extend my deep gratitude and thanks to you for the lifetime(s) of work you have put in in regards to integrating, alchemizing and synthesizing all that you are now bringing forth and offering–indeed this medicine is potent and timely. I have listened to all of the talks you have offered on your website, bought your book and my parents bought me part 1 of the ancestors online course– I cannot explain how impactful all of this has been.

I have been able to connect with my most ancient grandmothers with whom I share blood with. Being multi-racial it has been deeply healing to meet them and see how they are working in unity together. A deep healing has been occurring within as a result of this– I have had to check the race box as “other” for too long and to now be able to claim my west African, Cherokee and Northern European ancestry and to experience this inner unity has been life changing. Again, deep gratitude. THANK YOU.