Requests for Ancestral Healing Sessions at Low-Income Rate

All practitioners of this approach to ancestral lineage healing are required to offer a certain number of low income sessions as part of their training. Some of these trainees are available for referrals through this ‘low-income ancestral healing clinic’ model that we are testing out as a community with the intent to keep the work accessible to all. Although any given practitioner may choose to offer sessions for no compensation, we also hold an ethic of reciprocity and supporting practitioners for their service and therefore define ‘low-income’ as anywhere from $60 to as low as $20 per session (all USD).

By filling out this form, please know your request will only be shared with a small number (2-3 max) practitioners entrusted with processing requests for low-cost sessions; information is not stored or used for any other purpose. After your request is referred to a trainee, that person will contact you with a one-time personal message (typically by email) with an invitation to set up a session. Upon receipt of that information, it’s up to you to pursue the connection if you wish. Of course any specific requests you make about type of practitioner will be taken into consideration in the referral that is made for you. As is the case for the work in general, these sessions are usually offered through online platforms (video conference) or by phone.

If you are interested in reduced rates for in-person events rather than sessions please see the scholarship application. If you are already clear about which practitioner you wish to work with, please contact that practitioner directly through their website and know that each person sets their own rates, including with respect to reduced rate sessions.

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