Ancestral Lineage Healing

Practices for Personal and Cultural Transformation

with Dr. Daniel Foor

July 30 – October 19, 2022

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Why Ancestral Lineage Healing?

What's Included

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-recorded lessons will be released on Saturdays at 12am US Eastern with Lesson One available to access on July 30.

Live teaching calls with Dr. Foor followed by practitioner-led breakouts will be held on the following dates (all times are US Eastern):

  • Opening Ritual: Sunday, July 31, 1:00pm
  • Call #1 Wednesday, Aug 3, 3:00pm
  • Call #2 Wednesday, Aug 17, 3:00pm
  • Call #3 Wednesday, Aug 31, 3:00pm
  • Call #4 Wednesday, Sept 14, 3:00pm
  • Call #5 Wednesday, Sep 28, 3:00pm
  • Closing Ritual Wednesday, Oct 12, 3:00p

Practice & Ritual Skills sessions with practitioners will be held on the following dates (all times are US Eastern):

  • Review Lesson 1/Fundamentals: Wednesday, Aug 10, 3:00pm
  • Review Lessons 2 & 3 Wednesday, Aug 24, 3:00pm
  • Review Lessons 4 & 5 Wednesday, Sep 7, 3:00pm
  • Review Lessons 6 & 7 Wednesday, Sept 21, 3:00pm
  • Review Lessons 8 & 9 Wednesday, Oct 5, 3:00pm
  • Review Lessons 10 & 11 Wednesday, Oct 19, 3:00pm

Times for the Integration and Personal Support sessions with practitioners will alternate weekly between 3:00pm and 10:00pm US Eastern on Thursdays starting August 4 at 3:00pm.

The weekly LGBTQ+ call will be held every Monday at 3:00pm US Eastern, starting August 1.

The weekly Black-Only call will be held every Tuesday at 1:00pm US Eastern, starting August 2.

The weekly BIPOC+ call will be held every Tuesday at 8:00pm US Eastern, starting August 2.

The weekly Jewish-only call will be held every Thursday at 1:00pm US Eastern, starting August 4.

Please note that the schedule for affinity group calls may be subject to change based on availability of call supporters.

The alternating calls on Wednesdays – the teaching call with Daniel and the Practice and Ritual Skills call – will be recorded, as well as the opening ritual call on July 31. These calls are focused on the core content of the lessons and will usually reference the most recent lessons released. The remaining calls offer a space for more relaxed connection and support and these will not be recorded.

This a 12-week course. Engagement with each of the 12 lessons and the Wednesday calls (live attendance, or later replay) requires approximately two hours per week. This does not include the optional community calls. The lessons are structured to follow a process that is intentionally sequenced, so it is recommended that you follow the lessons and practices in order.

That said, please don’t let the feeling of “falling behind” keep you from continuing to engage in the course discussion space or joining any of the live calls. It is also sometimes the case that a particular step/practice in the lineage repair process requires more time and patience to work through. If that’s the case, trust yourself and your guides and focus on that practice for a while. But again, still feel welcome to join the live calls and watch the presentation for the later lessons.

As of mid-2022 we offer four affinity spaces: Black-only, BIPOC+, LGTBQ+, and Jewish-only. Affinity spaces include private discussion forums, weekly hour-long community calls, and 30-minute small group breakout spaces after the main teaching calls whenever call supporters are available. Details on affinity spaces and community calls offered, their intentions, and criteria for participation can be found here.

We ask course participants to mindfully self-select for participation in these spaces, and remember that you’re welcome to participate as often or as little as you wish. The first meeting of each affinity call will review group expectations so please attend if you are able. Call links will be available on the Calendar and Call Info page.

Even if some aspects of one or more of the spaces resonate with you, there is no pressure to opt in. The affinity spaces and community calls are there to support you and your experience with the course and if they’re not serving in that way, it’s fine to simply pass.

If participation is consistently low for a specific community call, the team may have to make the decision to cancel it. Dedicated breakout rooms in the main teaching calls as well as a dedicated discussion space in the course forum will remain available regardless.

We encourage participants to self-organize through the course connection space if they are interested in forming an affinity group that isn’t served by one of the above four, but we will not be able to offer additional spaces for this course.

While the course and the lineage repair process are designed with ritual safety and self-paced practice in mind, this tender journey with your ancestors can bring up a lot for people. If at any point in this course you begin to feel flooded or overwhelmed – that you are unable to hold space for yourself in this process – please find connection and support in the Integration and Personal Support call.

If that group container is still insufficient, please consider reaching out to someone in the Ancestral Medicine Practitioner Network for one-on-one support and guidance. Most are available for private individualized sessions, and many of are willing to provide low-cost sessions to support financial accessibility needs.

Previous returning participants to the Ancestral Lineage Healing course will receive an email with a special discount. If you do not receive this email by June 30, please email to request the link to register at this discounted price.

If you wish to withdraw from the course due to a change of schedule or other circumstance, or simply because you do not resonate with the material, you have a full 30 days from the release of the first lesson to request a full refund. The very last day we will honor full refund requests is August 29. To request a refund, simply reach out to:

We’d be happy to help with any additional questions! Reach out to with your question and someone from our team will be in touch usually within two business days.


This course is offered on a sliding scale and all payment levels include monthly payment options. Scholarship options are also available.

$ 750
$ 625
$ 500
Early Registration
$ 475

Money-back Guarantee
If you’re not satisfied with the course after having engaged at least one lesson, we will grant you a full refund within 30 days of the beginning of the course.

Scholarship Options

If the standard investment options above, including payment plans, are beyond your current financial means, we offer additional scholarship options. We trust you to self-select for the scholarship level you require based on your present needs and context. Please fill out the form linked below to be considered. Scholarship applications will close on February 3rd at 3pm.