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Daniel’s online course with the Shift Network, Ancestral Medicine: Discover How to Heal Family Burdens & Reclaim the Blessings of Your Lineage begins.

Course schedule is Thursdays from 5-7pm Pacific for twelve weeks:

  • October 18 & 25
  • November 1, 8, 15 & 29
  • December 6, 13 & 20
  • January 3, 10 & 17

Registration is through the Shift Network and signing up for this free talk also allows access to registration, as well as allows you to receive a recording of the call in case you can’t make it live. The twelve week course is $497 with ample availability for scholarships, here. Registrations closes Nov 1.

From the Shift Network….

A Free Video Event

With Psychotherapist and Ancestral Medicine Teacher

Daniel Foor

Wednesday, September 26, 2018 at 5:30pm Pacific


Discover how to transform pain and suffering passed down by your ancestors into blessings, wisdom, and a deeper sense of belonging.

Find out why connecting with your ancestral family guides can help you heal the past to live your passion, purpose, and destiny now.

What if you could journey to the past to help your ancestors who are still struggling with emotional or physical wounds?

And what if assisting these long-lost relatives could also help you and your living family heal now?

No matter who you are, you walk through life carrying the burdens and blessings of your ancestral lineages within you.

Current research suggests that our very DNA can hold the traumas of our ancestors — and even increase the likelihood that we’ll develop stress or anxiety disorders.

The good news is that there is something you can do to help mitigate these inherited patterns AND to draw from the wisdom and cultivate the sense of belonging that are available to you through your connection with your ancestors.

Through the practice of ancestral medicine, you can connect with your ancestors, assist the dead who are still in need, and transform intergenerational burdens into ancestral blessings.

Read more and sign up for the free call/registration opportunity here.