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Portland Ancestral Healing Intensive
Portland Intensive January 2020 Regular Tuition
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Portland Ancestral Healing Intensive
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Portland Intensive January 2020
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  • Led and supported by certified ancestral lineage healing practitioners who are experienced ritualists
  • Uniquely transformational deep dive with ancestral goodness
  • The stressing of safety and boundaries allows for profound exploration and healing
  • Small group sharing and personal support help build community and deeper learning in the work
  • Pragmatic approach promotes continuing the work on your own afterwards


The Ancestral Healing Intensive was one of the most transformative experiences I've ever had.

I am truly forever grateful for Daniel’s work and the framework he’s created. It’s informed by such a diverse experience / education and feels not only authentic but inclusive and welcoming. And the most important aspect of his offering is that it’s done with integrity. I would not hesitate to recommend Daniel and his colleagues to anyone who’s ready to take on this type of work.

I have done a lot of workshops and I can honestly say this was the best.

The material is so fundamental, it’s the underpinning of our spiritual lives. And you folks delivered it with such love, focus, humour and compassion. Thanks and I look forward to participating again.

I have been able to connect with my most ancient grandmothers with whom I share blood with.

Being multi-racial it has been deeply healing to meet them and see how they are working in unity together. A deep healing has been occurring within as a result of this– I have had to check the race box as “other” for too long and to now be able to claim my west African, Cherokee and Northern European ancestry and to experience this inner unity has been life changing. Again, deep gratitude. THANK YOU.