BIPOC Small Group Request Form for Online Courses

The following form is specifically intended for course participants who identify as Black, Indigenous and/or People of Color (BIPOC) and who wish to be in a BIPOC supporter-led small group during breakout sessions in the main live calls for Practical Animism and/or Ancestral Lineage Healing. Our other current course, Kindling the Need-Fire, does not have small group breakouts within live calls.

These small groups will be held by BIPOC course supporters who are also specifically trained in racial equity work and how to hold an inclusive space. In the event that this isn’t logistically possible during a specific call, the second choice will be to have a non-BIPOC small group leader who has specific training in racial equity work and with similar competencies at holding inclusive space.

Additionally, we now have a weekly call for BIPOC participants (please see the live calls page for your particular course for more information). We ask course participants to mindfully self-select for both of these options rather than have our team presuming to draw strict lines between who and who is not invited. That being said, if you’re entirely or almost entirely of European ancestries and cannot claim to have suffered racism from the receiving end as a formative experience, we ask that you understand that you are not likely among the folks that this particular space is intended to serve.

For people who are not BIPOC and perhaps don’t understand the benefits of a distinct BIPOC-only gathering space, there is an abundance of good information on this from BIPOC educators (one example here).

To organize these groups, we ask that you submit your request at least 48-hours before the next live call to be included. We will not be able to accommodate last minute requests, and in the event that they occur, we will be able to honor them for the following call. Additionally, please submit this form once; it’s not needed for each call. Just let us know if you’d like to change your request later.

Please include your Zoom screen name so that we can easily find you in the live calls.
This is only for helping us anticipate participation numbers for these calls.