Join the Live Calls

A live conference call is included with each lesson for community connection. The course sidebar, as well as the the live calls page contains all access information.

Live calls are community spaces mostly for Q&A with Daniel, and will conclude with small groups. Each call is recorded and posted on the live calls page, and a transcript will be made available as well. If questions arise that you would like Daniel to address, please submit them using the Ask Daniel page.

Course Community Facebook Group

After much deliberation and trying a variety of options, we have decided to continue using a private Facebook group for our community discussion space. This is an optional part of the course. The Facebook group will remain open throughout the duration of the course.

To join the group, please go to the group page and request membership. You will either be automatically added, or you will be asked to provide your email address that you enrolled in the course with. Once this is verified, we will add you to the group. Link to join will be here when we are closer.

*After the course is in full swing, we will make this group secret, meaning that the link above will no longer be active and the group is hidden to non-members. If you can’t find it, or have any trouble joining the group, please reach out to and include the email address you use on Facebook and we will add you to the group.