Spiritual Guidance and Mentorship

Mentorship sessions may include: getting your life in balance, strengthening relationships with your guides and ancestors, learning to safely engage spirits of nature, working with dreams and intuitive messages, and transforming ancestral burdens enough to pray with confidence and an open heart. All practices are in service to remembering our purpose and living this with passion and joy for the well-being of the world.

Mentorship tends to include getting well with one’s ancestors and the Earth, clarifying personal destiny, and expressing soul-level gifts in kind and beautiful ways. After over twenty years of work with diverse spiritual traditions, teachers, and practices, I’m especially passionate about training psychologically and culturally competent ritualists, to help those with a calling to earth-honoring priest work to get their bearings and settle in for a lifetime of service.

My approach is down-to-earth and non-dogmatic, and I’m able to meet folks where they’re at. I enjoy supporting those wary of organized traditions as well as people drawn to established lineages of practice; one approach is not better than another. I work with people totally new to spiritual teachings and those with decades of experience who simply want to complement their existing training with something I’m able to offer.

Professional Consultations

Practice Development. Over the past decade I’ve built and maintained a successful full-time practice focused on holistic healing and empowering earth-honoring ritual. I meet lots of folks who have precious gifts to offer but who are unsure of how to translate that into grounded, consistent offerings that also bring prosperity for themselves and their families. If you’re working with that challenge, I’m happy to give a little focused guidance on how to bring your calling to service into fruition.

Ritual Consultation. No matter how much training or experience you have, occasionally it’s nice to run a situation by another practitioner. Maybe you’ve been asked to do some kind of ancestral healing and you realize it’s not your strong suit. Maybe you’d like advice on how to craft an awesome wedding ceremony for beloved friends. Whatever the circumstance, I’m able to offer kind and non-dogmatic support as an experienced ritual leader.

Clinical Mental Health. I’m a licensed psychotherapist (MFT) and wrote my dissertation on the use of shamanic healing methods in a clinical mental health setting (see post on Animism and Mental Health). Whether you’re considering entering the field of mental health, already in training, or an established clinician, I’m comfortable advising on ways to effectively harmonize holistic, spiritual healing arts with Western psychology and psychotherapy.

Locations, Cost, and Scheduling

I offer in-person sessions in Asheville, NC or occasionally when traveling for teaching (see events calendar). Most of my personal sessions are by phone or Skype; the work is just as effective this way and saves fossil fuels. Sessions are $120 for 60 minutes or $180 for 90 minutes. Unless we’ve done session work before or you’ve attended an ancestors training, I prefer a first meeting be 90 minutes. 

**Important update** As of Summer 2017 I’m being more selective about working with new clients to prioritize my writing and my mentorship of trainees in ancestral lineage healing. Feel welcome to message me if feel drawn to work with me for ancestral healing or for other types of ritual consultation. And know that I’m also happy to make a referral to one of the highly competent ancestral healing practitioners.

If you’d like to set up a session or have questions not answered here, email works well. To make an online payment, see the link below or send a Paypal to: ancestralmedicine@gmail.com. To schedule a session see: Scheduling Page or be in touch as needed.

Please Note: Although I’m a licensed psychotherapist (MFC #46692) with a Ph.D. in psychology, the mentoring and healing work I offer is not psychotherapy. I’m not just saying that for liability purposes; the work actually is different. I’m regularly contacted by folks who I believe would be better served by a holistic mental health professional in their area. If I recommend this, please know I’m not judging you. I’ve enjoyed plenty of therapy myself, and being in therapy doesn’t mean you’re crazy; to the contrary, it’s courageous and ‘spiritual’ to do your inner work.

For online payments:


“I took a risk and scheduled a phone counseling session with Daniel based on his website. In that session Daniel created a safe container and shared knowledge and resources that deepened my work with the spirits of the land and mountains. His style and generosity inspired me to participate in four ancestral weekend intensives. In these trainings, Daniel is inclusive of each individual’s needs and balances the pace in a way that supports both new and experienced practitioners. I’ve been able to ask follow-up questions about specific resources, and if he doesn’t know the answer, chances are that he knows someone who does and makes an appropriate introduction.” – Stan, Human Services Professional

“Daniel has been completely instrumental in helping me to develop a practice and relationship with my ancestors, which has become such a vital, supportive, important, and deeply connected part of my existence. He is humble, caring, honest, and open-hearted. My life has forever been changed due to our walk together. I feel profound gratitude to be able to name him as a teacher, mentor, spiritual guide, and friend.”Sarah, Shamanic Practitioner and Educator

“Despite having seen a fair share of therapists, advisers and other life-coaching people over the years I’ve never felt compelled to write a review until now. I began working with Daniel about a year and a half ago and in this time I came to trust him as you would a friend. He is unassuming, kind, and patient, yet with the quiet inner strength and grace of someone who knows his purpose in life. Daniel will never try to “sell” you any ideas or convince you to convert into particular practices. Finally, he’s just an awesome human being to know and to have in your life. Because when life throws lemons and you don’t have it in you to make lemonade, having someone tell you ‘you have my support’ can make all the difference.” –Julia, Writer & Translator